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Yearly Tradition: A Snapshot of What They Love

May 2, 2017

Several years ago, when Pinterest was just becoming popular, my sister in law, Sara, found this super cute idea.  I loved how you could get a good feel for who the child was in just a matter of seconds.  With a picture and a grouping of their favorite things all together in one place, it was a good way to summarize their personality and freeze that moment in time.

I wish I could keep them little, but since I don’t have that superpower, at least this way I can look back and remember that at age 3 Chase loved spinning in circles until he fell down, or at age 4 he loved hearing firemen stories each night before bed.  These are things I think I’ll never forget, but surprisingly, my brain just can’t hold as much information as I thought it could.

I’ve done a “Loves” picture for each boy ever since she shared this idea, and I plan to do it for many more years to come.  I create mine in Photoshop Elements, but you could also do it on or any other program that would allow you to insert words over a photo.  Here are some of the past “Loves” I have created.

I started out taking all of Chase’s pictures in the same location to see how many bricks taller he was from year to year….but then we moved, so now I just use a picture from their annual photo session after their birthdays.  Sometimes I’m able to sweet talk Sara into doing a mini photo shoot, and other times, I just try to capture them myself for fear if I don’t do it NOW, then it won’t happen.  Something is better then nothing, amiright?
It’s so fun to look back on these and see not only how much they have physically changed, but it’s also cool to see which interests have changed and which ones have remained the same.  Currently, I have one scientist and one farmer, both of whom love anything chocolate!
What are some traditions you look forward to each year?

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