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Workin’ It Wednesday: Balancing Home and Work Life

March 20, 2017

Hey, hey hey!  It’s time to link up with Shay and Erika again for Workin’ It Wednesday.  Yes, you’re right…today is not Wednesday.  But, a friend of the link up hosts passed away, so they took some time off to be with friends and family.  Today’s topic: Balancing work and home life.  Well, I technically don’t have a job…so I’m not really sure I should be writing this post.  But…..I am hoping to possibly turn this little hobby of a blog into a money maker one day, so I have been trying to treat it like a job.  Currently, a very part time job, but a job nonetheless.

Home life.  For me, that entails spending most of my day with my little munchkin, Beckham (while Chase is in school).  He’s a sweet little guy with a serious side of spice.  He recently started scolding me for calling him dude or sweetheart or anything other than Beckham.  That’s been hard to get used to!  Sassy with a capital S!  But, he’s so much fun and I have really enjoyed being able to stay home with both of my boys while they are young.  I enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean every second is just purely blissful.  There are many, MANY times that I want to pull my hair out.  Being a stay at home mom definitely has tried my level of patience time and time again.  There have been moments that I have daydreamed about being able to get dressed in nice clothes, go into an office and have adult conversations by the water cooler, talk on the phone and type on the computer without interruptions, go to lunch with a co-worker…and then I awake from said daydream to find that someone has taken it upon himself to remove his own diaper and use the playroom floor as the toilet.  Back to reality.

I think the choice to stay at home or go back to work is a very personal decision.  There is no right or wrong answer, and it’s a decision that only you can decide for yourself.  I was hesitant to stay home full time after Chase was born.  I went back to work for what was supposed to be part time hours, but in my line of work (I was a mortgage loan officer), it was virtually impossible to do it strictly part time, still be successful, and not let people down.  It was a high stress job because I specialized in a certain type of loan program that not every company could offer.  So, while being in demand was a good problem to have in the business world, it meant more clients, more loans, more hours, and more stress for me.  As a new mom, trying to figure out my new normal, it was a hard adjustment.  I worked for a little over 2 years after Chase was born, and then I finally decided it was just too much on my plate and something had to give.  I quit and decided to stay at home with him full time.  It was a hard decision and one that I contemplated for a long time before finally pulling the trigger.  I am very thankful that I had the choice because I know not everyone is financially able to stay at home.  My husband was very supportive of my decision and pretty much left the choice up to me.

While I do love spending time with my boys and staying home with them, I found myself wanting something more.  I think as a stay at home mom, sometimes you lose yourself in your kids.  A lot of your focus is about them all day, every day, and you wake up one morning and realize you haven’t done anything for yourself in years.  At least, that’s how I felt.  I love doing what they want to do and playing games that they want to play, but I also needed time to focus on something that I wanted to do.  I had thought about starting a blog for years, but the timing was never right, and I always made excuses to postpone it.  After a conversation with a friend about her plans to return to work once her kids were in school full time, I realized I did not want to go back into my previous line of work.  I want to have the flexibility to volunteer at the school, attend field trips, pick them up from school each day, etc.  It would be very hard to find a job like that.  So, I randomly decided it was time for this blog I dreamt of creating.  And here we are!  I finally just did it.  I don’t know anything about blogging and I am trying to learn as I go.  I honestly had no idea how much was involved in creating a blog and how much work goes into it.  But, I am loving it and it has given me something to look forward to!  It’s a place for me to share things I love, recipes I’ve tried, or crafts I have been working on.

Finding time to work on this blog is something I didn’t think about prior to creating it.   At times, I have found myself frustrated that I don’t have more time to spend on it, but I am making an effort to find a happy medium between my stay at home mom duties and my new passion.   I feel like I am a better mom now that I have something else in which to channel my energies.  My life is still very much centered around my boys, but it’s no longer all-inclusive, and for me that’s a good thing.  As I said, this is a very personal decision, so what makes me feel balanced may not be the same that makes you feel balanced.  And that’s what makes us all amazingly unique!

Be sure to tune in next month when we link up again to discuss Spring Cleaning.  Ahhhh!  Our bathroom renovations are finally complete and my house is in desperate need of a good spring cleaning!  So.much.dust!

Niki French

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  • Joe and Britt Hensley March 20, 2017 at 9:34 am

    Great post! I love being a SAHM, and I've too found that this blog has helped me invest more into myself.

  • Laura Darling March 20, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    I agree with finding the time to blog – I didn't really think about finding the time to work on it either when I started it! I love the perspective you shared on being a stay at home mom!

  • Midwestern Mama March 20, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Thank you! After I started blogging myself, it really gave me whole new perspective for other bloggers. I often wonder how some people do it all and it just boils down to time management and prioritizing! Blogging is often time consuming but I love it!

  • Midwestern Mama March 20, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Yes, it's nice to have something of your own to focus on from time to time! Thanks for reading!

  • CourtneyM6 March 30, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    Love this post! So many days I long to stay at home and be able to do all the fun SAHM things. I mean, the mom's in my kids class think I'm probably a made up person! That said, I think it would be so hard some days and have come to appreciate my adult time, errand running at lunch and quiet time during my commute. If only there was a perfect blend of both worlds!

  • Midwestern Mama March 30, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    The grass is always greener…you long to stay home and I've often been jealous of my husband getting to go to an office each day! Ha! It's good you can appreciate the time you do have to run errands alone and I'm sure being away from your kids during the day helps you appreciate the evenings and weekends that you do get to spend time with them! Thanks for reading!

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