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Winter Boot Roundup

November 20, 2019

Are we thinking it’s going to be a snowy winter this year? Considering it’s already snowed TWICE before Thanksgiving, I think we may be in for a cold one.

Today, I’m chatting about winter boots! I will be comparing Sorels to some dupes and giving you my opinion on the differences. If winter boots are on your wish list, then this is the post for you!

I purchased these Sorel Joan of Arctic boots last year and I really do like them! The sole is comfortable to walk in for an extended period. They are waterproof, which is awesome because wet feet equal cold feet. But I am a little disappointed in the warmth. Even with thick socks, my feet get cold. I recently ordered these heat trapping socks, so maybe they will help, but I had hoped they would have more insulation in them than they do. I will say when I wear them around town, they are fine for running errands. But when I wear them out in the snow to play with the kids, my feet get cold after a while. The Tofino boots are similar to the Joan of Arctic but not quite as bulky. I haven’t personally tried them, but I am assuming they are similar on the inside. I’m curious to know if you have Sorels and if you have noticed the same thing? Or maybe my feet are just permanently cold! They fit true to size. I went up 1/2 a size in the Joan of Arctic boots to allow for thick socks and they are plenty roomy. They would be great for wide feet! I changed out the laces with these fun blue ones!

As a dupe to the Sorels, I ordered these for $37. And I am pretty darn impressed! The inside is lined with a soft fleece, and when I had them on, my feet instantly felt warm. They look almost identical to the Sorel Tofino with faux fur trim and the quilted upper. I got my normal size and they fit, but I would recommend sizing up 1/2 a size to allow for thicker socks. There was a small fold in the heel that was rubbing a bit. Not sure if it was just my pair, or if they are all like that. But with thicker socks, you may not even feel it. And for the price, they are worth checking out!

A 2nd Sorel dupe is from the same brand, but without the fur–they just have a fleece trim. They are also fleece lined and very warm. Size up 1/2 size to allow for socks.

I recently purchased these Sorel wedge zip booties and I LOVE them! They are so comfy, waterproof, and will last forever. The sole is very squishy and I can comfortably wear them all day. They fit true to size and I wear mine with my favorite bootie socks.

Of course, there are dupes for this style too! Target has a couple of Sorel dupes I wanted to chat about. They didn’t have this particular one in my size, but it’s almost an identical boot to the Sorel Wedge Chelsea boot. This brand usually runs true to size. I have heard the dupe version is very comfortable and for a fraction of the price, it’s worth trying!

I love the look of these lace up wedges! They have a fleece lining, but it’s only around the ankle, so they are definitely more of a fashion boot than a cold weather boot. But, for the price (under $40), they are extremely cute! I would probably change out the laces with some fun red or pink ones! To compare, these are the Sorels they are copying. Pretty darn similar, huh?

The last pair I’m featuring today are these furry boots! They are so fun, and I love that they have a side zipper for easy on/off convenience! They are also just a fashion boot because they are not lined at all. They fit true to size, but if you want to wear a thicker sock with them, I would size up at least 1/2 a size.

And that does it! Lots to choose from! Have you tried any of the dupes I mentioned? Do you love them? Just because something is less expensive, doesn’t mean it’s junk. There are lots of items I have and love that are dupes of the real deal, and many of the dupes are better than their counterpart! Let me know in the comments what your favorite dupe is!


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