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Why I Put Moleskin in Almost All of My Shoes

September 12, 2017

Moleskin.  Do you use it?  Do you even know what I’m talking about?  No, I’m not talking about the actual animal.  The moleskin I’m referring to is a fabric that is very sticky on one side and very soft on the other.  It comes in a roll and you can cut it to whatever shape your little heart desires.  I absolutely can’t stand when a shoe rubs my foot the wrong way.  Even if it rubs just the tiniest little bit, it drives me cuh-razy!

I was first introduced to moleskin in college.  I had never heard of the stuff, but my roomie used it (thanks Meg!) and a union between Niki and moleskin was born.  I think this stuff is actually intended to be put directly on your blisters or calluses, but why wait for a blister to happen when you can prevent it in the first place!  Sometimes I use a large piece and other times it’s a tiny one…but I would bet that more than half of my shoes contain some sort of moleskin.

I don’t like to wear socks with my flats, so I put moleskin in the heels to avoid blisters.  And, the same goes for some of my booties.  In the spring and fall, I don’t necessarily need or want socks, but if my feet sweat a little bit, then my shoes rub.  But, not with the moleskin!  I don’t think I have ever gotten a blister from a pair of shoes that has been doctored up with this miracle stuff!

So, here’s how I do it.  Depending on where the rubbing spot is, I will assess the size I need to cut.  If it’s the heel, I usually just cover the whole heel to ensure no other rubbing spots pop up later on.  But, sometimes if it’s a skinny strap, then I’ll just cut it small and add to it later if need be.

After you have determined how big of a piece you will need, then just cut it out to size, leaving the paper backing on.  Place the cut piece in the shoe to determine if you need to trim it in any way.  On heels, I will often cut slits up one side to help give it a little more curve.  Then, you can pull the paper backing off and carefully attach the sticky side to the inside of the shoe.  It sticks WELL, so make sure you get it in the right spot.  I think in all my years of using moleskin, I’ve only had to replace it in one pair of shoes from too much wear and tear.  So, when I say it sticks, I mean it STICKS like white on rice, baby!   It will be there until you decide to remove it.

Oh, and I almost forgot…I use this stuff in my kids shoes too!  My son inherited my pickiness for non-rubbing shoes, so I’ve had to put moleskin in the heels of a few of his shoes.  No complaints after it was installed!  #momwin

This stuff will change your life.  And, for less than $5 you can probably fix all of the shoes in your closet!   Click here to purchase your life-changing roll of moleskin. 😉  Overly-dramatic?  No way!  You’ll be singing it’s praises too!

Well, that’s my tip for the day!  Does anyone else have a love affair with moleskin?  Do you have any other secrets to help make your shoes more comfortable?

**Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission.  This does not affect the price you pay but it does help me maintain my blog!  So, thank you!
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