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Why the Ford Explorer Should be Your Next Vehicle

July 1, 2019
I had the super fun opportunity to drive a 2019 Ford Explorer Sport for the weekend, courtesy of Midwest Ford Dealers, and let me tell you, I was impressed!  I have never owned a Ford, but after having this vehicle for several days, I am now highly considering it for my next car!  And the boys were extremely sad when we had to give it back to the dealership.  Whomp, whomp.  I wanted to share some of the uber cool features with you, so keep reading to see what blew me away.  If you prefer to watch a video of my review, scroll to the bottom of this post to see that!
Bells and Whistles:
As a mom, I really like having a third row for those times when you are bringing a friend home from school, or you just want to spread the family out on a road trip!  The Explorer does offer a 3rd row, with the option of either a middle bench seat or captain’s chairs.  Because we have 2 kiddos in our family, the captain’s chairs were a perfect fit.  They gave each kid their own space, and it was extremely convenient to have the walk through access to the back seat.  You can move each captain chair forward or backward, which is nice if you need more space for a cumbersome rear facing seat, or to allow more leg room in the third row.
The beautiful thing about the Explorer is that you still have trunk space when the third row is up!  So many 3rd row SUV’s don’t have this luxury.
One of my favorite features is the PowerFold third row, meaning the third row seats can be stowed at the push of a button!  You can choose to fold them, stow them, or just have one seat up and one seat down!  So many options depending on your needs.
Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you can sync your phone with the Explorer’s control panel.  The screen becomes a monitor for your phone.  I have an iPhone, so I could talk to Siri, access my contacts, play my music, and use my maps!  It is so nice to have access to the apps I am already familiar with.
Also, the entertainment system on the Explorer was amazing!  It has a wonderful sound system and you can customize the bass if you really like things thumping.
You can download an app that lets you control your Explorer from your phone!  You can lock and unlock your car from the app, and even automatically start it!  Proximity is not an issue, so you could be in the middle of Target and start the vehicle out in the parking lot!  And speaking of the automatic starter…This is such a wonderful feature for all seasons.  It’s SO nice to have the ability to cool off your car on those blazing hot days and equally as nice to warm it up in the dead of winter.
And drumroll please….this is my FAVORITE feature of the 2019 Ford Explorer…
The hands-free, foot activated liftgate allows you to open and close the trunk by simply holding your foot underneath the back bumper!!!  With the key in your purse or pocket, you can have your hands full of grocery bags (or children) and open the trunk with your foot!  I want to buy this car for this feature alone!  This has been so fun to play with.  I bet I have opened the back hatch 100 times already because it’s just so dang cool!
Safety Features:
As moms, we love all of the fun bells and whistles, but most importantly, we want to keep our family safe.  The Ford Explorer has SO many amazing safety features.  There are airbags built into the middle row seatbelts allowing an extra layer of protection for little bodies in the event of an accident.
Lane assist notifies you if you cross over a yellow line, ensuring you stay in your lane.
Side mirror lights let you know if a car is in the lane next to you or in your blind spot.
The SOS Post Crash Alert System will activate the horn and flashers in the event the airbags are deployed.  And this vehicle has tons of airbags to keep your family safe!
With front and rear cameras, you can see where you are parking/backing up to avoid running over that bike that was left in the middle of the driveway!  And, I loved that the rear camera has a washer!  I can’t tell you how many times I have had to hop out and physically wipe off the camera on my car because it was dirty and I couldn’t see.  This feature is incredibly handy.
It is 4 wheel drive with Advance Trac, which helps maintain control on ice, gravel or wet roads.  This is great for those of us midwesterners who deal with crazy winter weather!
Automatic high beams allows you to have your bright headlights on, and when the sensors detect an oncoming car, they will automatically convert to the regular headlight setting until after you have passed the oncoming vehicle.  No more switching back and forth between your brights!
I was also impressed with the cruise control.  You can set your speed at let’s say 70 MPH.  If a car slows down in front of you, the Explorer will automatically slow down to mirror the speed of the vehicle in front of you.  When that vehicle speeds up or gets out of the way, the Explorer will speed up to reach the previously set cruise control speed!  This is SO handy to have if you do a lot of highway driving!
These are just a few things I wanted to touch on, but the Ford Explorer is packed with so many other great features, so be sure to check out Midwest Ford Dealers to see all of it’s specifications and options!  #driveitlikeafordmom
Click this video below to see some of these features I mentioned in action!

Thank you to Midwest Ford Dealers for sponsoring this post and letting me experience the amazing 2019 Ford Explorer Sport. All opinions are my own.

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