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Whole 30 / Week 4

August 7, 2017

Y’all!  I’m almost finished with my Whole 30 challenge!  I am feeling all the feels…anxious to be finished, nervous to start reintroducing forbidden foods, excited to see my measurement and weight results…but also scared at the same time.  

To be honest, I don’t feel that these past 28 days have been that life altering for me.  The first two weeks I did notice a difference in how I felt, for the worse.  I was tired, groggy, sluggish, weak.  But, then it seems l like I just went back to normal.  I don’t feel any differently now then I did prior to starting Whole 30.  I will give a complete breakdown of the reasons why I decided to take this journey and the outcomes in the next post.  You know, in case something drastic happens in these next few remaining days!

I haven’t talked much about what I’ve been drinking this past month.  I’ve been sticking to water, but I get sick of drinking water.  I drink a lot of iced tea, both plain and apricot flavor, unsweetened of course.  I have always loved La Croix, so I’ve been drinking a lot of those, and I’ve recently tried some other brands of sparkling flavored water that are good.  Dasani Raspberry Lemonade flavor is yum and so are the Simply Balanced ones from Target.  When everyone else is enjoying a cocktail, I’ll either grab one of those fizzy waters or I’ve come to enjoy this Kombucha.  They sell it at Hy-Vee, Sprouts, and I’m sure Whole Foods carries it too.

What I ate:

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls –I know, I know…I am obsessed with these things!  I seriously love them so much!  I have always heard of people getting sick of eating so many eggs on Whole 30, but I’ve hardly even had eggs because I was constantly baking/blending up sweet potatoes!

Banana Nut Porridge –To break things up from the sweet potatoes, I branched out this week and made this porridge.  It was really good!  I added some crushed pecans and some chunks of fresh banana to mine.  This is another good breakfast to make in advance and then it will feed you for 3-4 mornings!

Kale Salad –This has been my go to salad when I don’t have anything else planned.  It’s just easy and I usually have the dressing already made in the fridge.

BLTA –Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado stackers!  My sis-in-law, Sara, inspired me to make these and and since I have been putting bacon on pretty much everything, it seemed only natural that I’d make yet another meal with it.  Another quick, easy lunch.  And with so many fresh garden tomatoes available, this was a popular item at my house this week.

Zuppa Toscana –Thanks to mi amigo Courtney for passing along this recipe!  I couldn’t find complaint sausage, so just used ground chicken with some Italian seasonings, and I subbed spinach for the kale.

Potato Skins –I made traditional skins for my fam with cheese, bacon, sour cream and green onions…but for myself, I used seasoned ground beef, compliant bacon, green onions, and then dipped them in the delicious Dump Ranch dressing.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders and roasted green beans –This was an old recipe that was super easy to adapt.  I cooked mine in the oven, but they would also be amazing on the grill!

Tacos / Taco Salad –We ate dinner with family over the weekend and had a taco fiesta.  Despite my strong desire for the cheese dip and chips, I stuck to taco salad and used bell pepper strips to scoop up the guacamole.

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