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What I’m Ordering From Amazon This Month (January)

January 8, 2018

Last month I started a new series where I am sharing what I order from Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program each month.  I have loved this subscription service for years and years, but I am always finding different things to add to my order.  I thought I would be helpful to share what I have delivered to my door in hopes that it may save you a trip to the store in this cold COLD winter!  

For those of you who are not familiar with Subscribe and Save, I’ll give you a run down below.  If you already know the ins and outs, please feel free to scroll on down!

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program allows you to set up regularly scheduled deliveries on thousands of different items.  There is no commitment, so you can skip or cancel deliveries at any time.

Just for subscribing, Amazon gives you a 5% savings on each and every item.  If you have 5 or more items in a given month, then you will save 15% on the TOTAL amount of your bill.  Amazon’s prices are often the same or better than Target/Walmart/Costco/etc, and then to save an additional 15% AND have it delivered to your doorstep is HEAVEN!  If you are a Prime member, you can get a 20% savings on diapers and baby food subscriptions by having 5 items delivered in a given month.

You can choose how often you would like each item (ex: once a month, once every 3 months, etc) and you can cancel any item at any time without any sort of fees.  If you subscribe to a certain toothpaste one month, and decide you want a different kind the next month, it’s super easy to cancel your existing subscription and then place a new order for what you want.  Not everything is eligible for Subscribe and Save, but they sure do have a lot to choose from!  You can shop the S&S Store HERE!

A lot of the items are sold in bulk, so if you don’t want 8 boxes of rice, see if you can find a friend or family member to split it with.  But there are also a lot of items that are sold individually too!  Amazon’s prices vary quite frequently.  So, be sure to check the cost each month before committing to your order.  Sometimes just waiting until the following month (if you don’t need the item right away) will save you some money.  

Here’s what I am ordering this month:

Wild Albacore Tuna:
I love this tuna!  For those of you trying to eat healthier in the start of this new year, this is a great option for lunches.  This tuna tastes so much better than other brands.  It’s definitely pricer than others, but I’ve found that it’s cheaper to get it through Amazon than the grocery store. 

Weleda Skin Food:
This is great stuff for dry, cracked hands.  It is a little bit greasy, but it really helps my hands and cuticles in these harsh winter months.  I trust this brand because they don’t put any bad ingredients in their products.  

Weleda Salt Toothpaste:
Speaking of personal care products that are safe for you, I have been using this salt toothpaste for almost a year now, and I really like it.  It sounds really strange that you would brush your teeth with salt, and it does take a little bit to get used to it, but I am super happy with it and I love that I can add it to my S&S order!  So, fellow hippies…I recommend this toothpaste.

Orgain Kids Protein Shake:
My kiddos like these for a quick breakfast or snack on the go.  Also comes in strawberry and vanilla.

Pur Aspartame Free Gum:
This is a great item to add to your order if you need that 5th thing to reach the 15% discount off of your order.  It comes in several different flavors and doesn’t contain any aspartame!

Vital Proteins Collagen:
This is great for your joints, hair, nails, bones, and skin.  I just add a scoop to my smoothies in the mornings.

Kid Clif Z-Bars:
My boys love all flavors of this brand of granola bars.  They are great for snacks on the go!  And this price is considerably cheaper than the grocery store.

Mixed Nuts:
These pre-portioned packages of mixed nuts are a great snack for me when I need something quick.  You can earn an extra 15% off your first order by clipping the e-coupon!

Puffs Plus Lotion Tissues:
Tis the season for blowing your nose.  This pack will last you a while, but better to have more than you need when it comes to tissues!

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food  This is probably my absolute favorite Subscribe and Save item!  Why?  Because it is SO much cheaper than buying it at Pet Smart AND it is delivered to me!  So, I don’t have to deal with lugging a giant bag of dog food into my trunk, and then from my trunk into the house.  It shows up at my door at a fraction of the price I would pay from the pet store.  This same exact dog food costs $55 from Pet Smart, and with the 15% savings, I pay $36.54 for Amazon to deliver it.  HECK YEAH!

And that’s all folks!  Some months my orders are larger than others, but I always hit 5 items to ensure the maximum discount.  To see last month’s subscription order, click HERE.

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