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Valentine Smalentine

February 2, 2017

I’m not one to get hung up on Valentine’s Day.  In fact, I actually tell my husband that I don’t want flowers on Valentine’s Day (gasp!).  I’m all about people celebrating their love, but he doesn’t get any brownie points for buying flowers for me on a day where everyone else is also buying flowers and spending 4x what they would cost on any other day.  I’d rather spend that money on us going out to dinner or doing something fun together.  I love flowers, I just don’t like the idea of feeling like they are being shoved down my throat because that’s what you are supposed to do on this particular day.  If he decided to send flowers to me on a random Wednesday, for no particular reason at all, it would mean so much more.  Major brownie points for a random act of love!  Am I making any sense?  Now, if he totally ignored Valentine’s Day all together, there would be serious consequences and great offense taken!  Typical woman, eh?  Incase your wondering, I appreciate a heartfelt card or note, and I’ve never been one to turn down a bottle of wine.  Or jewelry.

At any rate, I am always looking for an excuse to shop!  Ruffles and romantic clothing are IN and they are so stinkin’ cute!  I wanted to share some of the awesome finds I have come across recently.  They would be perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner…or any other dinner…maybe on a random Wednesday perhaps?  Just sayin’.

 Off the shoulder tunic.  Love the cutout in the back and the flowey bell sleeves.

Beautiful tulle skirt.  For the inner ballerina in you
Crochet peplum top.  Such pretty detail!
 Ruffle sweaters here and here.  Practical and pretty

This ruffle tee is only $35!
Dress with lace up sleeves.  Ooh la la!
Pink denim anyone?
This pretty cold shoulder top comes in plus sizes

And last, but not least, I loved the back of this romantic off the shoulder top!  
Happy shopping!
Niki French

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