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Turkey Hair Bow

November 14, 2021
turkey hair bow DIY tutorial

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and since I’ll be seeing my nieces in a couple of weeks, I wanted to make something fun for them! These turkey hair bows are easy to throw together, and you could add any type of hair clip, headband, or even a pin to wear them on a shirt. Having only boys myself, I am thankful to have several sweet nieces who will actually wear the girly things I craft.

turkey hair bow DIY tutorial


Felt sheets: red, orange, and brown
Ribbon: red, orange, and yellow-cut into 5″ strips. You will need 3 strips of each color (9 total)
Googley eyes
Hot glue gun-this is the exact one I have
Alligator clips, headbands, or infant headbands


Trace circles of two different sizes on the brown felt (I used a Sharpie). Tracing a small cup or ramekin is a great way to get a small circle. The sizes of my circles are 1.5″ and 2″. You can of course adjust your sizes if you want to!

turkey hair bow DIY tutorial

For each piece of ribbon, bring the ends together forming a loop and adhere with a small dot of hot glue. Then, add another dot of glue and attach the ribbon loop to the back side of the smaller brown felt circle. Repeat with each ribbon, alternating colors and overlapping.

Using the red felt, cut out a waddle. It doesn’t have to be perfect or symmetrical! Just wing it and make it about 2″ long and wavy.

turkey hair bow DIY tutorial

Cut the corner off of the orange felt sheet creating a triangle for the beak. Add a thin line of hot glue to the long side of the triangle then fold in half to form a beak. Glue the beak to the top of the waddle, then glue the waddle to the smaller brown felt circle. Glue the eyes on.

Turn the turkey head over and glue the larger circle onto the back side (make sure any sharpie marks face the back). Attach the turkey to the hair clip or headband with hot glue and you’re all done!

turkey hair bow DIY tutorial

Gobble Gobble! Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you make one of these adorable turkey hair bows! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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DIY turkey hair bow tutorial
DIY turkey hair bow tutorial
DIY turkey hair bow tutorial
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