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Trendsend by Evereve

April 10, 2020

Have you ever tried a box styling services? I haven’t…until now! If you aren’t familiar with what I am talking about, there are several different styling services out there that are usually affiliated with a brick and mortar store, where they will send you a curated box of items for you to try on in the comfort of your own home.

The issue is, a lot of these services say they are personalized, but the “person” choosing your outfits is usually a computer algorithm. Real personal, huh?

Trendsend by Evereve is different because they have actual human beings, who are professional stylists, that walk through the stores and hand pick items just for YOU! I have personally met and chatted with the ladies who work on these Trendsend orders and their ability to put together outfits is impressive!
**I have a discount opportunity for you below, so don’t miss it!

How does it work?

You fill out a questionnaire with your likes, dislikes, body type, style goals, etc. The stylist gets to know you through this information so be as specific as possible! Then, they will choose 2 outfits (usually around 6-8 items) and mail it all to your house. You get to try everything on in the comfort of your own home and decide what you want to keep and which items you want to send back.

There is no subscription or obligation, so you can try it once, or have a box scheduled however often you’d like. I tried it for the first time this month, since all of the stores are temporarily closed, and it was awesome!

First of all, having complete outfits that are picked out just for me and my style is SO fun! The process of deciding what to keep and what to send back was the hard part! Everything was super adorable, and they always have the softest fabrics known to man.

Here are the things I received:

Click on a photo to shop it.

The stylist will include a letter that tells you what each item costs along with different style suggestions and mix/match ideas. The best part is, if you love your local Evereve store you can request that the ladies from THAT store style your box! I can’t speak highly enough about the stylist at the Country Club Plaza location here in KC. Even if you’re not from KC, you can request that they style your box for you.

And, given we are all currently living in comfy cozies, they are now offering theme boxes…like “business on top box” or “not going out(fit) box. They also have boxes geared towards petite or tall frames.

Everything at Evereve / Trendsend is currently 10% off, but if you want to try Trendsend for the first time, you can get 20% off by ordering through my link! The styling fee is also currently only $1 (regularly $20), which gets applied to any purchase you make, so it’s a total win-win!

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