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To Sing or Not To Sing

February 15, 2017

For some strange reason I often sing phrases instead talking them.  “What do you want for lunch today?’ just sounds better to the tune of Skidamarink a Dink a Dink Skidamarink a Do then just plain ole talk.  Or how about “Please pick up your Legos!” while channeling a soprano opera singer?  I’m definitely no opera singer, but I do my best to impersonate.  I actually have a wide variety of singing impersonations.  You’d be impressed.  Cue the mic!

My oldest son never minded my odd quirk.  In fact, he seemed to listen to me more often when I sang a request or a command and I often find him sing-talking from time to time!  (He and his future wife may hate me later in life for this habit).  But now I have another son who happens to hate singing.  I’m talking despises it!  How can that be???  Even when he was a teenie tiny little guy, instead of being soothed by lullabies, they only made him cry harder.  And the minute he learned the word “no”, he didn’t hesitate to tell me NO every time I broke into a song.  That eventually morphed into “no sing please, mama”, which makes me smile and breaks my heart at the same time.  How can a child of mine not like for me to sing to him?

I don’t have a great singing voice, but I thought all children were comforted by the sound of their mother’s voice?!?!?!  He has made me recognize how many times I break out into song throughout the day.  I don’t even realize I am doing it until I hear his sweet little request.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not always sweet about it, but he has learned if he wants me to stop, then he needs to ask nicely.  So, quite a quirky habit I have, but of course I’m working to try and break HIM of his singing phobia.  Because Lord knows I can’t stop singing altogether!

And incase your wondering, I don’t sing requests to my husband….at least not that I’m consciously aware of.

What are your quirky habits?  Am I the only one who sing-talks?  Maybe I was a broadway star in a past life.

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