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Time for a New Bra

April 18, 2020

I am embarrassed to admit I haven’t purchased a new bra in years. Years! And unfortunately the ones I have been wearing forever are no longer made. I absolute loathe bra shopping because I can’t ever find one that I like. They are too tight, too loose, make me look completely flat, or have cone-boobs, cause major back fat rolls….and the list goes on.

If you have boobs, I am sure you can relate! The struggle is real, am I right?

I reluctantly ordered several bras from Aerie out of necessity. The bras I have been wearing for years are about to fall apart any minute, and although I am not well endowed, I don’t want to walk around braless.

I have come to hate the underwire. It is my enemy. After wearing a wireless nursing bra (10 years ago), I realized how much more comfortable wireless bras are, and therefore, I can’t go back to an underwire. Having small boobs allows me to be picky about this!

I ordered several wireless bras and wore them around the house for several hours. I was pleasantly surprised! Several of them were really great! Comfy, stayed in place, had a nice shape, fit well…

My favorite was a tie between #1 and #5. They both fit my body the best without compromising comfort or shape. I also like that #5 has no back closure, so you put it on like a sports bra, which is extremely comfortable! All of them were true to size.

ONE: Comes in several colors. Has a hook on the strap allowing you to connect them and form a racerback. Sizes XXS-XXL

TWO: Also available in white and black. Has the same hook allowing for the racerback option. Sizes 30A-40DD

THREE: Available in pink, green, black, and lavender. Pretty lace detail. Sizes 30A-40DD

FOUR: Has convertible straps that can be worn as a halter or criss cross. Also comes in black and white. Sizes 30A-40DD

FIVE: No back closure, so you put it on like a sports bra. Comfortable straps, also comes in black. Sizes 30A-40DD

Do you have a favorite bra? I am also in desperate need of a strapless bra…but I haven’t even attempted the search for that one yet!

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