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Things That Made Traveling Easier, and What I am Ordering For Our Next Trip

March 27, 2019
We are just back from our trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas, and I am in full laundry mode.  WHY is there always SO much laundry to do whenever you leave town?  It seems like we go through so many more clothes.  Anyway, we had a really great time and it was definitely nice to feel that warm sunshine after the harsh winter we have endured!
I wanted to share a few things that made traveling a little easier and also a few things I saw other people had that I immediately put in my Amazon shopping cart to have for our next trip.

First, this beach tote was the MVP of the trip.  I used it as a plane carry-all and I will admit that since it is under $20, I was a little concerned it would hold up to the heavy load I packed in it for the flight. I had everything from snacks to important travel documents, to water bottles and kid activities.  But I am happy to report that it not only held up for the flight, but I carried it all week and it was awesome!  Such a great size, cute for the beach, but also perfect for taking out to dinner.  The evenings got a little cool, so I threw a lightweight jacket for each of us in the bag and they came in so handy at the restaurants.  There is an inside zipper, which is nice.  It comes in a few different colors and I highly recommend it for a beach trip, pool bag, or just a cute summer tote!
I literally lived in this hat the entire week.  Instead of packing in the suitcase, I usually just wear my hats on the plane, then put them under the seat while in flight.  I love Panama style hats because the brim is big enough to provide ample shade without being too large.  My exact hat is from last year, but I am linking one that looks identical.  
I’m pretty sure everyone already owns an external charger but if you don’t, do yourself a favor and get one!  They are so handy, especially if you have a long travel day.  It’s extremely convenient to plug your device into this charger and not be tied to an outlet waiting for your device to charge.  I love this one because you don’t need an extra cord to connect your device to the charger.
Speaking of charging devices, I’ve often encountered hotel rooms with very few outlets.  Why, hotels, why?  I have used this outlet adapter the past few trips and it’s been so helpful when we have a lot of things that need charging but not a lot of outlets.

A soft, lightweight cardigan is a must have for any trip, but I especially use the heck out of mine on beach trips.  I love it for the plane because it’s not too heavy, but definitely helps take the chill off during those cold plane rides.  And it comes in so handy for cooler beach mornings and evenings when the breeze cools off.  I threw mine in my straw tote just incase I got cold at a restaurant, or while we were walking around, and I ended up putting it on every single night.  Mine is old, but I linked a few similar options in the widget below.

I always bring a few nightlights with me.  Hotel rooms are always so dark, and my kiddos aren’t a big fan of that.  I usually just pick some up from the Dollar Tree because 80% of the time I forget about them and leave them at the hotel.  #mombrain

Most of y’all already know my love for these flip flops, but I was SO appreciative of them this trip.  The Atlantis complex is quite large, so we did a ton of walking and these babies saved my feet!  I always wear the heck out of them each summer.  Some sizes and colors are currently on sale for under $20!

I saw several people with these towel clips and I had one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments!  Genius!!!  I am definitely getting some of these before our next beach trip.
We have had snorkel gear for several years and I always bring it with us when we go to the beach.  But this time I saw several people with these whole face masks and they looked amazing.  I asked a few people about them and they all raved about how nice they are!  I think it would be so handy for kiddos too because they don’t have to mess with a separate mask and snorkel!
Another thing I really wished I had while we were in and out of pools/waterslides/oceans was a waterproof phone case.  It seemed like we were the ONLY ones who did not have one.  So many people had their phones around their necks with a lanyard style case that they were taking down water slides and swimming with!  How fun to be able to capture pictures under water!
What’s one thing you loved using on your last vacation?
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