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Things I’m Lovin’ Lately

September 24, 2016

I wanted to share a few things that I have really been LOVING lately!

As you know, I’ve been going through a sugar detox lately, and as a result, I have been eating a LOT more salads.  I used to assemble them on one of my dinner plates because the bowls I have are not big enough for an entree size salad.  But salad always seemed to be spilling off of the plate.  I know, these are major problems I have.  However, I found these bowls while racing down the aisles in Wal-Mart (because the littler time as I can spend in Wal-Mart the better).  Truth be told, I actually try to avoid Wal-Mart if possible, but there are just some things that I can’t seem to get at my beloved Target…so every now and then I’ll suck it up and go early to avoid the crazies and people who haven’t showered in a month.
Anywho, this was an impulse purchase I was very happy with.  The bowls are the perfect size for me to make a large salad and still have room to stir it all together without it falling out of the bowl!  It’s hard to see the size in my pic, but they are 8″ in diameter.  I also like that they are glass and not icky plastic.  I bought 2, so they are currently on rotation.  Oh, and they are only $2.94 each!

I am also loving this Revlon lipgloss.  I like the texture, it’s very smooth and not sticky.   Shiny but not too sparkly.  And, I love this color, #260 Rosy Future.  I am not a huge fan of brightly colored lips (at least not for myself)! Lots of you can pull it off, Gwen Stefani style, but I personally just look like a clown.  I love it more then some of the department store brands I have used in the past.  And the best part is you can get it practically anywhere for a fraction of the cost of the higher end brands!

My mom gave me some of these plant nanny stakes and they are awesome!  I am not the best at remembering to water my plants, so these little babies take care of it for me!  And, I happen to have lots of empty wine bottles laying around, so it’s nice to have a second purpose for them.  Just doing what I can to help save the earth!  #recycling

I recently bought this shirt from Nordstrom and I really like it.  It’s super lightweight and will be a great transitional piece for fall.  It comes in several colors and would be flattering on all body types! It runs large, so I ordered a size down.  Oh, and it’s only $27 right now!  Nordstrom has free shipping both ways, so if your are unsure of your size, you could always order 2 and then send one back.

And lastly, I have been loving Allegra D because my allergies have been INSANE!

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