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The BEST Socks to Wear With Booties

December 12, 2019

How annoying is it when your socks slip off your heel, or peek out the top of your booties?  Or get bunched up as you walk, or make your feet sweat?  All of those things are SO annoying, and they led me on a search for the perfect sock to wear with booties.

It has been a long road.   I have tried SO many different socks, all of which failed me, except for one!  I have worn Bombas socks for the past 2 years now, and I can safely say, THEY ARE AMAZING!

I initially refrained from ordering them because they are a bit more expensive than I like to spend on my socks.  I mean, they are just socks, right?  But after the extremely frustrating search for socks that didn’t annoy the crap out of me, I decided to take the plunge and I’m so glad I did.  I have since gotten rid of the rest of my low rise bootie socks and have pledged my loyalty to these babies!  And the good news is, I was able to get a discount link for you!  You can save 25% on your first order by ordering through this link!  

So, what makes them so fabulous?  Well, for starters, I love the way they are cut.  They hug my foot, and I never see the socks in any shoes I am wearing.  Tennis shoes, booties, and slip on sneakers are what I usually wear them with.  They have 3 thin strips of silicone on the inside of the heel to prevent them from slipping off your heel.  I can tell you from experience, they STAY PUT, and this is such an amazing gift!  If you’ve ever had to stop and take your shoe off to adjust your sock, then you know what a pain that is!  These have never once slid off my foot unintentionally.

I have the lightweight no-show socks and the cushioned no-show socks.  I prefer the thinner ones with booties and the cushioned ones with tennis shoes.  Although, the cushioned ones are also nice with booties when it’s cold outside.  They also have low-cut no-show socks that look like they would be perfect with flats!  And, while I have’t tried any of their other sock styles, they have several others to choose from.  I just ordered the above the calf socks for my husband to wear with his boots.

As an added bonus, I love supporting companies with a cause, and Bombas is one of them!  For every pair of socks they sell, they also donate a pair to a homeless shelter.  I encourage you to read their mission and how the company was founded, and even if you don’t need socks, I guarantee you’ll be placing an order simply because this company is so awesome!

If you are still hesitant, Bombas offers a money back guarantee!  You can try them out, and if you don’t like them (which I honestly don’t see how that’s even possible), they will give you a full refund. Now, that’s a company who stands behind their product 100%!

This post is not sponsored, I just really love these socks, and I think you will too!

**The links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase, I may make a small commission.

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