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Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls (Whole 30 Compliant)

July 24, 2017

I have to admit, I wasn’t super excited to make sweet potatoes for breakfast.  I like sweet potatoes, but that just did not sound very appealing to me.  However, after eating a lot of eggs over the past couple of weeks, I was ready for a change.  I came across this recipe and thought I’d give it a go.  Worst case, if I didn’t like it, I could make more. eggs. again.  Much to my surprise, I LOVED this!  I don’t know if its because I haven’t had anything sweet in over 2 weeks, but I liked this so much, I went back to the store and loaded up on sweet potatoes.  I made a massive amount of these bowls to last me the whole week!  They were just as good the 3rd and 4th day as they were the first.  And having breakfast already prepared for me was such a lifesaver on busy mornings!  Just throw some blueberries on top, and it’s ready to be devoured.

Anyway, who knows how I’ll feel once I am back to eating more of a variety of foods, but for now, these sweet potato breakfast bowls are amongst my favorite breakfast options!  I have a feeling I’ll continue to make them even after I am finished with Whole 30.

So, if you’re in a breakfast rut and need help thinking outside the box, then give this recipe a shot!  It is really freaking good!


2 large sweet potatoes
1/3 cup almond butter
1/3 cup full fat canned coconut milk (not in the carton)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
handful of blueberries for garnish (optional)


Wash sweet potatoes and poke a few holes in them with a fork.  Wrap potatoes in foil and bake at 400° for about an hour, or until soft.  Let them cool slightly.  Remove skin; it should slide off easily.  In a food processor, combine all ingredients, except blueberries.  Blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy.  Top with fresh or frozen blueberries and extra cinnamon if desired.  

You can double the recipe and make a breakfast that will last several days!  Refrigerate any leftovers.  It’s delicious served both hot and cold.  

Slightly adapted from Paleo Gluten Free

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