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Sugar Detox: Week 3

September 27, 2016

This has been the easiest week so far.  I am hoping that my body and mind are getting accustomed to not having sugar and having very limited whole grains.  I do plan on adding back more whole grains as time goes on, but for now, I am trying to limit them.  I usually eat leftovers or a salad for lunch.  If there’s nothing in the fridge to eat, then I eat tuna fish with some mayonaise, dijon mustard, and dill relish.  We went to a fish fry at our friend’s house, and I definitely indulged in some fish!  But, I stayed away from the rest of the unhealthy pot luck dishes that people brought.  I ate a side salad, fruit, and zucchini with my fish.   You should have seen the desert table!  Oh goodness.  It looked delicious, but I didn’t even have a taste.  I was afraid if I had just a little bit, I wouldn’t be able to stop and then…10 brownies have gone missing.  Oops!  I know myself too well.  I’m not ready to test my willpower just yet.

So, this week, I got a rotisserie chicken and that was a lifesaver!  I pulled all of the meat off and chopped it up so it was ready to quickly be added to a salad.  It was nice to have it readily available for some added protein to my lunchtime salads, but I also snacked on it when I was feeling hungry. Prepping has saved me.  I have chopped peppers and washed/cut lettuce and kale, chopped any veggies I am cooking for the week, and this week I even sautéed extra bell peppers and onions from the fajitas I made for dinner one night so I could use them all week on my salads or in my eggs.  It’s been great having things ready to go so when I’m in a hurry, I am not tempted to grab something “easy” aka unhealthy.

What I ate for dinner this week:
Fajita salad with guacamole
Boiled Shrimp and corn on the cob
Fried catfish
Tacos (I skipped the shell and made mine into a salad)
Skillet Chicken Cordon Blue

What I’ve been snacking on:
Tuna fish
Hard boiled eggs
Salami with cherry tomatoes and dijon mustard
Red bell peppers and hummus
Rotisserie chicken

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