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Sugar Detox: Week 2

September 20, 2016

Well, it’s week 2 of my sugar detox, and I’m still hanging in there!

TMI warning: I have had some bowel issues this week, and I’m wondering if it’s possibly my body trying to detoxify.  I am a fairly healthy eater on a regular basis, but I have definitely consumed a lot of salads, kale, veggies, nuts and eggs over the past 2 weeks.  My stomach didn’t feel bad, but I’ve had to stay close to the bathroom for the past few days!  I warned you!…TMI.

I have lost another pound or 2, and I feel really good.  I decided not to worry about calorie intake for the first few weeks.  I have probably eaten my weight in nuts, but I decided that if that’s what I need to get myself past a sugar craving, then I am going to allow myself to eat whatever I want that’s on the “approved” list.  I can worry about counting calories later.  I did cheat and have 1 beer and 1 glass of wine this week.  I also added a very small amount of honey to a salad dressing, and also to one of the dinner’s I made this week.  But, other then that, I have abstained from all other sweets and refined grains.  I am actually pretty proud of myself.

It hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting, but I do still have to frequently remind myself not to eat something random just because it’s in front of me.  I have been drinking a lot of flavored tea without sweetener.  I used to put stevia or Splenda in my tea, but I have been drinking it plain.  I’m a southern girl, who likes her sweet tea, so this is a big deal!  It was a little bitter at first, but I am getting used to it.

For dinner this week I made:
Thai chicken salad
Roasted tomato soup with pizza grilled cheese sandwiches for the boys
Crustless taco quiche and quick refried beans
Cheeseburgers with a lettuce “bun”
Massaged kale salad with parmesan
Salmon with lemon and dill
Jimmy John’s (we ordered out) I got the beach club wrapped in lettuce (no bun!)  I love that they offer this option!

I’ve been snacking on:
Hummus with red bell peppers
Guacamole with red bell peppers
Hard boiled eggs
Salami with dijon mustard and cherry tomatoes

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