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Some of My Favorite April Fool’s Day Jokes…So Far!

March 30, 2020

It’s no secret I LOVE April Fool’s Day!  I don’t get called Tricky Niki for nothing.  I’ve always loved playing innocent jokes on people…nothing to major, just lighthearted little pranks.  In honor of the upcoming big day, I thought I would do a round up of some of my favorite April Fool’s Day pranks from the past!  I plan on continuing to add to the list, so I welcome any suggestions!

  • Serve your family Brown E’s instead of brownies
  • Mix orange juice and orange jello (or unflavored gelatin) and keep refrigerated overnight…then serve it to your kids in the morning and watch them try to drink their juice.
  • Cover your spouse’s windshield with sticky notes
  • Fill your husband’s car with empty Amazon boxes
  • Put a couple of layers of clear nail polish over the bar of bath soap so it won’t lather up when your spouse takes a shower
  • Gently place snap-pops under the toilet seat. When someone sits down, they will have a booming surprise!
  • Place plastic wrap over the opening of the shampoo bottle, then screw the lid on. Your spouse will wonder why he can’t get the shampoo to come out!
  • Cover glazed donuts with mayonnaise instead of frosting! (I recommend also having some backup donuts after the joke plays out!)
  • Replace Oreo filling with toothpaste
  • This water bottle coin trick might be my all time favorite joke I’ve played on the boys! Tell your kids you heard about a magic trick and you want to see if you can do it. Remove the cap from a full bottle of water, and place a coin underneath the bottle. Tell them you are going to magically make the coin float up through the bottle, into the water. Cover the bottle and say some official “abracadabra” words, then have your victim peer into the bottle to see if it worked. When their face is over the bottle, squeeze it and they will get drenched! I gave my son goggles beforehand. You’d think that would have given away the joke, but he was still super gullible.
  • Stuff tissue at the end of their shoes
  • Sew a line in their socks about 2 inches up from the toe and watch them try to put their socks on!
  • Swap bourbon for ice tea, vodka for water, etc
  • Replace all of the full beer (or soda) cans in the fridge with empty ones. This was an easy one for me because my husband throws his cans in the recycle bin, so I just dug through there and filled his case of beer with empties.
  • Serve them kitty litter and cat poop (smush brownies into poop shapes and place them over a pan of crushed peanuts or crackers). I told the boys that I heard on the news that doctors were recommending people eat cat poop because there is a good source of vitamins in there. I ate one and Chase looked at me like was COMPLETELY crazy. Then, we told him “April Fool’s” and he devoured the poop! 😂
  • Freeze cereal with milk overnight then serve it to the kids in the morning.

And, what am I planning this year? You’ll have to tune into Instagram or Facebook to find out!

Tell me your favorite April Fool’s joke! I’d love to hear it!!!

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