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Snow Day

December 21, 2016
I remember when I was a kid, what a wonderful feeling it was when school was cancelled and you had nothing to do but play in the snow!  No homework, no tests, nowhere to go…just play.  It was like the BEST gift you could ever get!  Snow came earlier then normal this year, and we took advantage of lots of playtime, despite the arctic temps outside.

We started the day with a gingerbread house that our elf brought.  Like most gingerbread houses I’ve had experience with, it was almost impossible to get it to stand up on it’s own, so they agreed to decorate it in parts and we would put it together later…only we could NEVER get it to stand up.  Oh well.  It wasn’t for lack of trying.

It didn’t help matters when blondie here decided to take a few bites out of the side of the house. Who actually eats their gingerbread house?  He does.  Crunch.

Then, it was time to get out into the snow!  Making LOTS of snowballs to ambush Daddy 

Making snow angels never seems to get old!  

So, this one had fun in the snow, but it takes SO long to get all of the gear on that he’s pretty much worn out by the time we get outside.  Then, he plays for a few minutes and gets cold, so we go back in.  Has some hot cocoa to warm up and wants to go back outside again.  Vicious cycle.  

We came in for a break and started working on some crafts for the grandparents.  Christmas tree handprint towels.  Mom, if you’re reading this, be sure to act surprised when you open it! Ha!
Beckham went down for nap, so Chase and I headed back out to the snow to work on his igloo.  This boy has been wanting to make an igloo for 2 years, but last year we didn’t get enough snow.  We shoveled, and scooped, and scraped until nap time was over.  My boy is definitely a hard worker.

Warming up his toes in a bowl of hot water and warming his tummy with some hot chocolate!

And, we finished off one of the best snow days ever by watching part of the Grinch.  These 2 argue and antagonize each other a lot, but they also love each other more then they realize.  

If you’re in the KC area, I hope you enjoyed your snow day as much as we enjoyed ours!  And, hopefully we will get a couple more this season!  But not too many of course because…SUMMER!  Oh, and I’m sure after Christmas break I will be praying for no more snow days because we will all be at each other’s throats.  Sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder if you know what I mean.


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