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Shake Your Bootie

January 3, 2017

It’s taken me a while to get back into the swing of things after all of the holiday hoopla.  I just can’t seem to get my act together!  The kiddos head back to school later this week, so maybe once we are in our routine again I’ll feel better.

Like most girls, I love shoes.  I used to wear the crazy tall heels, platforms, and wedges, but since having children, I have converted into more of a flat shoe person.  For one, chasing after a 2 year old in heels is not exactly easy.  And two, I don’t know if it’s because I am not used to wearing tall shoes anymore or if it’s a result of getting older, but if I’m in heels for too long, my feet HURT!  Wedges are a little more manageable, but long are the days of strutting around in 4 inch stilettos like Carrie Bradshaw.  Practicality has taken over.  Although I need my shoes to be practical and comfortable, I still want them to be cute of course!  I love all of the wedge and chunky heel booties that are available this season.  I have 2 pairs of taller wedges and I wear them on occasion, but my go to boots and booties are the lower heeled ones.  I can wear them day to day, running errands, or shuffling kids to school.   Luckily, there are several different styles out there that aren’t very high but still very stylish.

These Lucky booties are my fave!  I have the brindle suede color, but they come in all sorts of different colors, in both leather and suede.  They are very comfortable and don’t give me any blisters. I love the zipper trim around the ankle and the double zippers on each side.

I ordered these perforated booties at the same time I ordered the ones above.  They were equally as comfortable, but I ultimately decided to keep the others instead.  It was the zipper detail that sold me. These might be a good option for slightly warmer weather with the perforations.

Another bootie that I loved and has AUH-mazing reviews are the Peera cutout booties.  I love the cutout detail, and they would be another great option for slightly warmer weather.  And my boy Vince knows how to make a comfy shoe, so I’m pretty sure these babies feel like you’re walking on clouds.

My favorite pair of wedge booties are these classic Desert wedges by Toms.  The heel is only 2 1/2 inches, so they give you some height, but they’re not uncomfortably tall.  I wear mine with everything from skinny jeans, flared jeans, dresses, leggings…they are very versatile!  Also comes in black.

And, I recently picked up these fun black leather booties during a pre-Christmas sale.  The black leather ones have a fun, casual, rock-n-roll vibe.

These aren’t officially booties, per say, but I wear them a lot because they have a flat heel and are super fun!  They actually go with more outfits then you might imagine.  Similar styles here and here.

If you’re wanting to try some booties that don’t break the bank, I’ve seen several ads for JC Penny and Kohl’s.  I’m certainly not opposed to cheaper shoes, but I do know that many times you sacrifice comfort.  The older I get, the more I appreciate a comfortable shoe that will hold up, but there are lots of cute ones at Target and other discounted retailers for under $50!

Now, get out there are shake your booties!  (Feel free to also shake your booty while you’re at it!)
Do you have a favorite pair of booties?  If so, please share!  A girl can never have enough 😉

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