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Ready or Not…Swimsuits Are Here!

February 22, 2019
I am so conflicted because I so badly yearn for that spring and summer sunshine hitting my face and giving me a glow!  BUT, I am not looking forward to shedding this sherpa pullover that has become part of my body, only to find out that what I thought was padding from my fluffy shirt is in fact my own personal padding.  Winter.  It has a way of creeping up on me…and taking residence in my thighs.  
But, like it or not, swimsuit season is around the corner.  And for some of us, that corner is getting closer and closer.  We usually lay low for Spring Break, but this year we are joining the best of them and taking the boys to the beach!  Despite my lack of enthusiasm for donning a swimsuit, I am SO excited to get the heck out of this midwest weather and get some vitamin D!
Naturally, with a beach trip coming up, I have been on the hunt for all things beachy…including swimsuits.  Below, I’m sharing a few that I’ve recently ordered along with some others that caught my eye.

For sizing reference, I am usually between a 6-8 in pants, a S/M in tops, and a 36B bra.
I love the rusty orange color of this two piece!  And, it has the illusion of straps that wrap all the way around your ribs, but in actuality, it just ties in the back, so the side straps will stay in place!  This is so important because I don’t want to be fiddling with my suit while chasing after my kiddos at the beach.  I almost always size up to a large in bikini bottoms to ensure maximum booty coverage, but this time, I had to stick with a medium.  The large was literally falling off, so I would recommend sticking with your regular size (or if you are like me and usually size up, this time don’t).  
And, there is a high waist bottom option too!  I tried both a small and a medium top, but ultimately went with the medium.  The small fit, but there was a small amount of side cleavage leaking out, and we can’t have that now can we?  
This was one of my favorite suits from last year, but I am happy to report they have restocked it this year!  I love it because it’s a one piece, without being too grandma-ish.  The mesh panels are so flattering and really make your waist look small.  I know several of you bought this suit last year and were also extremely happy with it!  This suit is very flattering on all body types.  It comes with a neck strap that is removable if you prefer to go strapless, which is how I wore mine most of the time.  I have a medium, so it fits true to size.
And, check this out!  The same awesome suit with a one shoulder design!  I absolutely LOVE this one!  
I was totally digging the mint color of this crochet halter suit!  It’s so pretty in person.  My only complaint about this is that it’s junior’s sizing, and I could definitely tell it was made for someone who has not yet pushed any children through her hips.  I had to size up to a large on the top and an XL on the bikini bottoms.  And even at that, the bottoms were extremely low rise.  If you don’t have as much junk in your trunk, this would be a super cute suite for you!  I didn’t try the hipster bottoms, but they do appear to give more coverage, however, based on the other items, I would still probably size up.  Sometimes the high neck tops don’t do smaller chested ladies any favors.  I love how the halter on this one comes high on your neck, but because of the crochet pattern, it’s very flattering, even for those of us who are not as blessed in the chest area.  
I fell in love with this suit online because it is similar to mine from last year (mentioned above), but with a slightly different twist.  I ordered a large, and it fit me great.  However, I do have a long torso for my height, and while it covered everything, it was rather stretched…so when I bent over or lifted my arms, things started shifting out of place if you know what I mean.  I still love this suit so much, and it is extremely flattering.  It also comes in several different colors.  If you don’t have a long torso, I would definitely give this one a try.  Most sizes and colors have free shipping and free returns.
This is such a good mom suit, especially if you are wanting a two-piece, but aren’t wanting everything to hang out.  The top has a good amount of padding, which is great for those of us who need a little help in that area.  The larger sizes may be good for you bustier ladies too, providing additional support.   
The bottoms are so fun because you can wear them pulled up for a high waisted look, or you can fold them down to reveal a pretty purple color underneath for a more traditional bikini bottom.  I got a small medium top and a large bottom.  
And, while browsing, some other suits that caught my eye!  Shop them by clicking on the images below.  Scroll from left to right to view all of the images.   

The links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you purchase through them, I may get a small commission.  Thank you for supporting my blog!
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