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September 29, 2016

So, I just needed to take a minute to let my brain unload a dump of worthless thoughts.  Just things that I have been pondering and I am sure you will be enlightened by.

1.  I am feeling defeated by the dirt that is trapped under my son’s fingernails.  Despite all of the hand washing, nail clipping, baths, and scrubbing, he still looks like a mechanic that has had his hands in a greasy engine all day.  It is somewhat embarrassing when he goes out in public and people notice his grimy little fingers.  I feel the need to explain myself and that I promise I TRIED to get them clean!  Maybe this winter I can just keep mittens on him at all times.

2.  The good news is I don’t have to decorate for Halloween this year because there are so many spiderwebs around here.  The bad news….these webs are formed by REAL spiders!  Crap.  It’s time to move back to the suburbs.

3.  I have had goosebumps for the past 48 hours straight.  It’s not even THAT cold, but when it goes from 90° to 60° within a week, my body thinks I moved to Antarctica.  Time to break out the scarves!…and the long johns, wool socks, and puffer jackets.  

4.  I just learned how to make the degree symbol °!  If you have a Mac, hit shift + option + 8.  If you have a Windows operating system, I have no idea how to help you.  So sorry.  I don’t know much about computers, as you will learn.  By the way you Mac users, do not hit option + command + 8 or you will get a scary warning like this:

Dang!  How in the heck do I have 1422 bookmarks?  I really need to clean those out.

5.  Just when I think my son ate a great dinner last night, I realize that 90% of it ended up in his lap….and then on the floor.  Oh-well.  Better luck next time.


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