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Random Amazon Purchases

May 8, 2020

Quarantine is getting to me y’all. I am buying random crap just to entertain myself. Anyone else?

I thought I would round up some of the things I have recently ordered incase you too are looking for some new items to help keep the crazies away!

I ordered these Wireless under cabinet LED lights for our kitchen because our entire house is just dark. Especially with the navy tile, I am excited to get some accent lights in there to brighten things up! I love that these are wireless, rechargeable and motion activated!
***UPDATE. I wasn’t happy with the lights mentioned above, so I returned them and ordered these puck lights. I absolutely LOVE the puck lights! They come in a pack of 6 plus batteries and a remote for only $34.98. They were easy to install, work great, and add the ambiance to my kitchen that I was hoping for. You can easily tap them on or off if you don’t want to use the remote, but the remote can control up to 12 pucks, so it sure does come in handy!

Webcam cover: I used to keep a sticky note over the camera on my computer because you hear about people lurking and watching you when you don’t know it! Creepy! These covers are a great little invention because I can easily slide it open when I want to zoom or FaceTime, and then keep it closed when I’m not using my front facing camera. I also put one on my phone!

The review on these silicone wrinkle pads sold me! And there are several before and after pictures in the reviews of people who have used them and had great results.

I recently bought a 2nd inflatable lounger since we have been using them to watch movies outside! I also purchased one for my 17 yr old niece and she loves it just as much! They are perfect for passing the quarantine time outdoors! I love that you inflate them using just the wind (or sometimes we have been known to use the leaf blower ?).

Anti-cellulite massage oil. Dang cellulite! It’s so annoying. This massage oil also gets amazing reviews. First of all it smells amazing. And it’s super moisturizing on my skin! I have only been using it a few days, but so far, I love it! I have been using these massage cups with the cellulite oil. It’s too soon to tell, but with so many amazing reviews, I had to try them for myself!

I love my Olaplex shampoo and conditioner, so I recently ordered the hair repairing treatment in hopes that it would tame some of my frizz and also repair the broken flyaways I have all over.

I use these glass spray bottles for my homemade hand sanitizer. They are pretty and great for concoctions with essential oils!

Window cleaning tools. I had great aspirations of the boys helping me clean our windows. We shall see…

I previously shared how much I love these comfy jumpsuits, and I ended up ordering this leopard one. It’s so pretty, and so comfy! And I love the short version too! Perfect for summer. For sizing reference, I we are a medium.

Set of 4 chairs. I have been looking for some inexpensive, durable chairs for the table we moved into our sunroom, aka the playroom. When I saw this set of 4 for under $100, I immediately added them to my cart! I love how they look…sleek and modern, and that I can wipe them down or dust the kinetic sand off of them!

My previous makeup brush cleaner was so tiny. When browsing amazon one day, I came across this makeup brush cleaning mat and it’s been a game changer for cleaning my brushes! It suction cups to the sink and the textured design helps pull the makeup out of the bristles. Love it! I just use a little bit of mild shampoo (like baby shampoo) and water. That’s it!

The BEST ant killer. It’s ant season for sure. They are trying to make their way indoors and they never come alone. This ant killer doesn’t mess around. It attracts them, so at first you will have TONS of ants swarming the cup, but within a day, they will disappear! It’s amazing. Just be sure to put them where little fingers can’t reach because the liquid poison can spill out.

These telescoping roasting sticks are a MUST HAVE for camping or even just backyard s’mores making!

I’ve had a few different friends recommend reusable cotton rounds, and I finally ordered some! I am excited to save the earth one cotton round at a time! Perfect for removing makeup, applying toner, or cleansing.

I ordered these oval makeup brushes after seeing several bloggers rave about the expensive Artemis brush. I didn’t want to spend $$$ on one brush, so I found a dupe on Amazon. Considering the entire set of 10 brushes was only $14, I didn’t have super high expectations for it…but I LOVE THEM! I have only been using two…the largest foundation brush and a smaller one for my concealer. They give such a smooth, flawless finish and don’t soak up much product. Highly recommend!

I purchased this tie dye kit at the beginning of quarantine, and we still haven’t used it! But, I am determined to tie dye some things soon!

What have you purchased from Amazon recently? Comment below so we can all get new ideas of fun products!

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