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Quarantine Self Care

March 25, 2020

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We are officially on lockdown here in Kansas City, which means we are all supposed to stay in our homes unless we need medical care or necessities. I have so many feelings about this. SO MANY.

Trying to stay positive, I am looking at the bright side of spending more time with my kids, not having to worry about a strict schedule, not racing from activity to activity… But, also it’s a lot. I know my strengths and teaching is not one of them. It’s going to be a lot of togetherness, with no real escape.

In an effort to maintain a little bit of sanity, I wanted to share some things that will hopefully help all of us get through this unexpected time. In order to best take care of your family, you must first take care of yourself ♥️

I have and love this little back/neck massager! It’s portable, so I usually kept it in my car and would use it while I was in the car rider line, but since I haven’t been going anywhere, I brought it in the house and have been using it while I watch a show or read to the kids. It’s HEAVEN!

No more trips to the nail salon for a while, so do your own nails at home! It’s actually super easy to get the same salon worthy look of gel nails without the salon price. For about the same price as one manicure, you can get this UV light which will allow you to do your own nails countless times! You will also need gel polish and a base and topcoat. This kit comes with 20 colors plus the base and topcoat!

If you aren’t into gel nails, I love this base and this top coat to help my regular nail polish last a little bit longer than usual.

Come out of quarantine with a brighter smile! You can use this time at home to whiten your teeth with this UV Whitening kit. I have used this one personally (that’s my before and after pic) and it caused ZERO sensitivity, unlike others I have tried in the past. Plus, I love that for each kit sold, the company will donate a dental care kit to a child in need.❤️ Use code: NIKI30 for 30% off your order!

Make fresh, healthy juice at home! I started juicing about a month ago, and I love it! I honestly didn’t think I was going to like the taste of raw veggies mixed together, but it’s really yummy and now I even crave it! Plus, fresh juice has amazing health benefits including boosting your immunity…and we could all use some help with that these days! This is the juicer I use. I usually fast in the morning, then drink my juice around 11:30 before having lunch around noon.

Masks are a great way to pamper yourself at home. They don’t take much time, you can do them while multitasking, and they make your skin feel and look better. My favorite masks are this bentonite clay mask and also this charcoal mask.

Move your body. Don’t let the lockdown turn you into a couch potato. There are several free workout programs available since you can’t head to the gym any longer. One Peloton app is offering a free 90 day program. Faster Way to Fat Loss is offering a free 7 day at home workout plan AND a free immunity boosting guide. Fhitting Room is offering a free 30 day trial. Try Beach Body free for 14 days. Plus there are countless free videos on YouTube! Your workout doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Go for a walk, do some lunges in your living room, lift a sack full of canned goods that you stocked up on.

Call or FaceTime with friends! Not being able to get together socially is going to be difficult, so have a virtual coffee date or happy hour! Zoom and Google Hangout are also great platforms for virtual hangouts.

Self tanner is a great way to boost your mood! Sounds silly, but if you’re feeling blah, adding a little color to your skin really helps! This is my favorite self tanner, but you MUST use the mitt that comes with it. The mitt applies the product evenly and prevents streaks.

Can’t get your eyebrows waxed? These are the BEST tweezers. I have a backup pair incase I misplace my usual ones because I have no patience for crappy tweezers. A magnifying mirror is also a must when you are plucking.

And speaking of hair removal, If you are used to getting a derma plane, these face shavers are extremely cheap and work wonders! They are technically for eyebrows, but I used them on my whole face.

And lastly, get outside as much as possible. Thank goodness this pandemic didn’t happen in the dead of winter. I am extremely thankful that Spring is finally here, and hopefully the weather cooperates to let us all get that Vitamin D we so desperately need. Take your laptop outside and work on your porch. Take a walk in your neighborhood. Or just take a nap in your driveway! Being outside does so much for your body, mind and soul.

What’s one thing you plan to do for yourself during this strange period? Comment below so we can all benefit from your great ideas!

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