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Personalized Valentines

February 12, 2018

Each year I make my kiddos a personalized Valentine for them to give out to their friends.  If I’m being completely honest, I really just make it for myself, and then print extra copies for them to hand out.  I don’t know why, but I just really love this little tradition we started and I am going to do it as long as they comply!

Personalized Valentines / Midwestern Mama

As Chase gets older, it has become a little more challenging to think of something that he approves of.  Last year was just a simple picture of him with a Valentine graphic.  It was cute but pretty simple and I thought for sure he would not be into my silly ideas this year.  I was pleasantly surprised!

I had seen an idea of a little girl blowing heart kisses last year and I wanted to try and recreate it with Beckham.  We had a lot of outtakes because trying to get him to understand what I wanted him to do was a little more challenging then I anticipated.  But, a little bribery with some leftover Halloween candy did the trick!  I’m not above bribery.  Obvs.

Personalized Valentines / Midwestern Mama

Heres a cute outtake.  Sweet little booger.  I found some felt hearts at Hobby Lobby and I used some ticky tac to stick them on the wall.  I edit all of my photos with Photoshop Elements

Chase didn’t want to be left out, so we created a different but similar scene for him.  We tried to make it look like the hearts were coming out of his ears, and I thought it turned out pretty cute, but he ultimately opted for a picture just like his brother…blowing kisses.  Hey, I’ll take it!

Personalized Valentines / Midwestern Mama

Personalized Valentines / Midwestern Mama

Can we just talk for a minute about this kid’s clothes?  He insists on wearing the same shirts every single day.  No joke.  I used to wash them every night so they would be fresh for him each morning, but I can’t keep up.  So, some days he goes to school in the exact same shirts he had on the day before.  He does change his boxers and pants, but the shirts are always the same.  Kids are so strange.  And he wears multiple layers.  I’m talking short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie, and another zip up jacket over the top.  Doesn’t this kid get hot?  I’m ready for warmer weather just so I can stop looking at these same clothes every day!

So, this year, they have very similar Valentines, and I love them both!

Personalized Valentines / Midwestern Mama

Personalized Valentines / Midwestern Mama

I opted to make them black, white and red.  I just liked the clean look and Chase especially had so many colors going on with his outfit that it was distracting in the photo.  I’m super happy how they turned out!

I shared this tradition on the blog last year, but I didn’t update the post to include the Valentines that I ended up creating for them.  So, here are theirs from 2017.

What Valentine traditions do you have?

To see more personalized Valentine’s from previous years, click HERE.

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