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Past Halloweens / Fun DIY Costume Ideas

October 31, 2016

As I may have mentioned before, I LOVE creating Halloween costumes!  It is something I look forward to all year.  I have made several of my own costumes throughout the years, but now I get to channel my creative energy into making costumes for my boys.  In the spirit of Halloween (how did it become the end of October already???) I thought I’d share some of my past creations.

This was so fun to make!  LOTS and LOTS of yarn!  I just hot glued it loosely onto a red shirt until it looked like a giant bowl of spaghetti noodles.  I painted small styrofoam balls red and brown to resemble meatballs, then used my fingers to dent them in and make them look more realistic (not perfectly round).  I cut a hole in the bottom of a bowl I found at the Dollar Tree and added yarn suspenders to hold it up around his waist.  And, the pants are made from checkered material to look like a tablecloth.  To top it off (literally), I glued some additional yarn and a couple of meatballs to a headband.  It was a super fun costume!  I drew a parmesan cheese label and glued onto his candy bucket, and he was all set!  Adam and I dressed as a couple of chefs, and we ended up winning the “most creative” costume contest in our neighborhood. 😉

The Black Widow Spider costume was possibly the easiest costume I’ve made for my sons so far.  This one was very simple.  I cut the legs off of a couple of pairs of girls black tights, and stuffed them with fiber-fill.  I sewed them onto a black shirt and connected them together with black string.  I made a string to go around my son’s arm so that when he moved his arm, the rest of the spider legs would also move, but he didn’t really like that.  I cut out the red black widow marking from a scrap piece of material and ironed it on with Wunder Under iron on adhesive.  Then, I glued googley eyes onto a stocking cap and called it a day!  
Ok, so if you haven’t heard of Walter the Farting Dog, you should really check out some of his books.  They are about a dog with a gas problem, who despite his issues, seems to somehow save the day with his toots.  My sister-in-law gave this farting dog toy and book to my son as a joke, and well…it ended up becoming his favorite lovey.  He brought Walter everywhere we went and slept with him every night.  So, it was only fitting that he wanted to be Walter for Halloween!  This one was quite a challenge, but so much fun to watch the costume come to life.  The head started out with a baseball cap, lots of foam, and then grey fleece material over the foam.  And, to make it just like the real Walter, I glued a pocket on the inside of his costume where we tucked in a farting sound machine, which was controlled by a remote. So he not only looked like Walter, he sounded like Walter too.  

If there are any other moms out there who have children begging to be an orange electrical cord for Halloween…PLEASE let me know!  I had no idea how I was going to do this one.  I actually tried to paint a large amount of foam pipe insulation, but the spray paint didn’t stick to the foam, and the pipes were too stiff to wrap around his tiny body.  I had to think of a plan B so I decided to make my own pipe out of orange material, and fiberfill, much like the spider’s legs from a couple of years ago.  This worked out great, it was flexible enough, and it wasn’t too heavy for him.  I painted a toilet paper insert and a couple of pieces of rectangular foam for the prongs, and made an electrical warning sign.  Because I like to try and coordinate costumes as family, I made a couple of outlet shirts for Adam and myself.  And, this year, my mom go into the spirit too!  She made her own light bulb shirt (complete with a battery operated light underneath that glowed in the dark!) and lamp shade hat!  We were quite the entertainment of the neighborhood as we walked around trick or treating.

Chase had a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs birthday party a month prior, so he wanted to keep to this theme for Halloween.  Fine by me, considering I had already worked on our costumes for the party.  All I had to do was turn Beckham into Steve, the monkey.  I purchased a monkey costume, then added a few “Steve” touches to it.  A red, white, and blue sweatband with an antenna and a monkey thought translator were the perfect additions to really turn a regular monkey into an inventor’s sidekick!   For Flint Lockwood’s hair, I found a cheap fake beard and I sewed chunks of bears onto a black stocking cap, then twisted the ends to make it look like the character’s crazy scientist hair.  For directions on how I made the custom science shirt, click here.  

And, as much as I like to try and coordinate family costumes, this year it just wasn’t going to happen. Beckham’s lovey was a panda bear, so I really wanted to get him a panda costume.  Adam and I decided to be zoo keepers to coordinate…but Chase had his own idea.  In theme with his 6th birthday party, he wanted to be a radioactive hazmat worker.  To each their own.  So, we rolled with it and everyone was happy!  I didn’t make the panda outfit, but I did make Chase’s suite.  And for my and Adam’s outfits, I just found some shirts at Goodwill, then used safety pins to attach a few stuffed animals to them.  
Now you know for yourself how much I love Halloween!   I hope these costumes have inspired you to go all out this year.  What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

Niki French

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  • Unknown October 20, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    What did you make the hat/plug out of for the extension cord?

  • Midwestern Mama October 20, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    Hi! It’s orange material that I sewed into a long tube, then stuffed it with fiberfill.

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