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One Dress, Six Ways

November 2, 2018
Hello there!  I can’t believe it’s already November!  Where in the heck did October go?  I will say, even though it seemed to fly by, we definitely tried to make the most of it because we were blessed with some amazing weather!  Maybe that’s why it went by so quickly…because we were busy little bees!
And November always brings a huge candy hangover at my house.  I think all schools should make Nov 1 a teacher work day.  I mean, you know the teachers dread having to deal with the kiddos who stayed up too late and ate too much sugar!  Let’s start a petition, shall we?
If you missed my Old Navy try on post earlier this week, definitely go check that out!  There are some cute things, at great prices, some of which I am also featuring in this post.
I love a versatile piece…one that can be worn multiple ways, across different seasons!  When I first saw this plaid dress, I thought it was cute, but then as I was trying it on, I just kept experimenting with different ways to wear it and there are so many!  These are the top 6, although, I am sure the possibilities are endless.

This dress comes in other color options, so if Burgundy is not your jam, check it out and see if there’s a color combo that you like!  It’s such a great piece and I foresee it getting lots of use in my closet!  I am wearing a small.  Everything will be linked at the bottom of the post!
Style #1  As Is
We will start with the obvious…just plain.  This style of swing dress is flattering on every body shape!  As is, it’s super cute, with booties, tall boots, or even sandals if it’s still warm where you live!  It’s lightweight, so you could roll the sleeves up a bit and definitely wear this in a warmer climate! 
Style #2  Knotted
Y’all know my obsession with knotting shirts in the front, so obviously I had to try it with this dress.  I wasn’t really sure it was going to look good because there’s a lot more material in this dress than there is in most of the shirts I knot.  However, because the material is lightweight, it made the dress perfect for knotting.  Where the material bunched up on the sides was not bulky at all, and I loved how the tie had longer tails which hung down in the front!  Wear it alone, or add a cardigan or jacket, and boom!  It looks like you really tried to get ready and look cute!
Style #3  Add a Vest
This adorable sweater vest is the perfect layering piece to go with this dress, but really, you could layer any vest with it for a different look!  I love that the vest not only changes the look, but also adds a layer of warmth.  Check out this cute faux fur vest!  I ordered a child size XXL and it fits me perfectly!  It would be another great option to pair with this plaid dress!
Style #4  Layer Under a Sweater
The length of this dress is great for layering under a sweater or tunic!  I love that you can see little peeks of the dress at the neckline, sleeves, and skirt.  This is also a great way to tone down a busy pattern.  If you have a dress that has a lot going on, throw a sweater over the top!  I think this is my favorite look of all!
Style #5  Cardigan Style

Try wearing any button up, not just this dress, open like a cardigan.  It’s a great way to add a layer of interest to your outfit without a lot of bulk.  You can even knot the ends of each side for a little twist.
Style #6  Under a Cardigan/Jacket

And of course, if you know me at all, you know I LOVE cardigans, so I definitely had to try this cutie with a cardigan!  Pictured is a hooded sherpa jacket which is absolute heaven on earth!  It’s so soft and cozy, and pairs great with this little dress/top.
And that’s it!  I love it when one piece opens up so many different opportunities for outfit creativity!  Which was your favorite?
You can shop the looks here:

This links in this post are affiliate links!  Thanks so much for shopping through them and supporting my blog!
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