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Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt

April 23, 2020

Sweatshirts can look frumpy, but an off the shoulder sweatshirt looks stylish and even sexy! Since we are all wearing our fair share of sweats these days, I thought I would share how I trim the collar off of some of my sweatshirts to get that off the shoulder look!

It’s extremely easy. You just need a sweatshirt and a pair of sharp scissors. The beauty of sweatshirt material is that it doesn’t fray. You can snip it and go…no sewing required! Watch this quick tutorial video to see how it’s done.

So, whatcha think? Couldn’t be easier, right? The sweatshirt I used in the video came with a raw hem around the waist, but if yours has an elastic band you could always cut that off too!

Here are some cute bralettes to peek out of your revamped sweatshirt!
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