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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale PART 2

July 12, 2018
I’m baaaaaack!  With more fun stuff from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I think my eyeballs may pop out of my head because I have been staring at my computer for so long!  But, it’s worth it if I can help you guys navigate the sale and find what you have been wanting, needing…and maybe a few things you didn’t know you needed (wink wink).
No really, in all seriousness, I do want to tell those of you who don’t have a Nordstrom card, and aren’t shopping the early access sale…that I don’t want you to get a case of FOMO (fear of missing out).  Yes, things do sell out quickly.  And yes, if there is something you want and you wait until the public access on July 20, there is a good chance it won’t be available.  BUT, there are always other sales and things often come back in stock eventually.  You may have to wait a while to get what you want at the price you want to pay, but I don’t want anyone to feel like they HAVE to get a Nordstrom card and HAVE to shop this sale.
Bloggers make a big deal about this sale because it’s rare that a retailer discounts NEW merchandise.  But, again, there will always be another sale, another cardigan, another bootie.  So, no FOMO, m’kay?
Now, moving on to the rest of the sale stuff I promised you.  If you missed Part 1 of the sale picks, you can go read that, and if you have questions about the sale, you may find the answers in this post.

Also, just a reminder that Nordstrom has free shipping BOTH WAYS!  So, if you are debating on something, I would go ahead and order it, see it in person, and then if you don’t like it, you can send it back at no charge to you!





For some reason, I am not having luck creating a widget for the beauty items on sale.  You can check them all out hereLots of makeup pallets, Jo Malone fragrances, neuLASH eyelash serum, Supergoop sunscreen, T3 curling iron, flat iron, and hair dryer, Drybar, Personal Microderm, Beauty BlenderFragrances, and much much more!

I think I am going to call it a day.  This sale has worn me slick!  I never thought I would say I am tired of shopping, but I’m D.O.N.E.  For now anyway.  The sale also includes menswear and kids…but I live in a house full of boys who don’t seem to care what they wear.  I’m lucky if the two little ones even wear clothes at all!  I may snag some new school shoes for Chase and Beckham, and possibly a cute outfit or two for school…but other than that, they just seem happy as clams in their gym shorts and tank tops! 

I’d love to know what you got!  Leave a comment below, or come say hi on Instagram or Facebook!

And, as you know, these links are affiliate links, which means if you click on them, I may make a small commission.  Thanks for your support!  Love you, friends!

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