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Working’ It-New Year’s Goals

January 11, 2017

I’m trying something new this year, and I am “linking up” with some other bloggers (Erika and Shay) one Wednesday a month for “Workin’ It Wednesdays”, where busy moms talk about how they try to keep it together amongst all of the chaos.  The first topic is New Year’s goals.

I have already vowed to work on improving my posture this year.  And, being that we are 11 days into the new year, I am doing pretty good.  I have realized though that it’s more of a core issue…meaning I have no ab strength whatsoever, so I really need to work on that.  Meh.

Just like every other year, by the time January rolls around, I am usually ready to start eating a little bit healthier.  A month plus of eating treats and indulging in holiday food usually wears on me after a while.  So, while I never make it an official “resolution”, I am back on track as far as cooking nightly meals, and not overdoing it on goodies.  In the spirit of improving my posture and strengthening my core, I decided I would hop back on the ole dusty trusty treadmill.  I have been getting up early to fit it in before the boys wake up because once they are up, all bets are off.

I was very good about it until last weekend when I decided to finish off the leftover bottle of New Year’s Eve champagne, and then slid in my socks, Tom Cruise / Risky Business style, into my son’s room to snag the iPad, and I lost control and slid my foot underneath his bed frame…which then ripped off my big toenail half way down the nail bed.  Awesome.  Yep, had to take a couple of days off the new workout routine after that incident.  But, now I’m back at it.

I am not an early riser by choice.  In fact, I am definitely more of a night owl.  After the boys go to bed, I get a second wind and start doing all kinds of stuff around the house. Before I know it, the clock strikes midnight and I turn into a pumpkin.  Actually, I just turn into an insomniac because I force myself to go to bed, but my mind can’t chill, so I end up laying in bed most nights for quite some time until I finally fall asleep.  I’ve always been jealous of those people who seem to fall asleep before their head hits the pillow.

This is me.  Minus the cat.  I’m allergic to cats, so my eyes would definitely be bloodshot if a cat was in my bed.  One sheep, two sheep….Actually, it’s more like “now, what do I need from Target?”

So, there you have it folks.  A few unofficial goals for the new year.  Pretty cliche…eat better, workout, stop drinking champagne to the point of injuring myself, etc.  But most of them stem from my ultimate goal, to improve my slumped over, osteoporosis looking, old lady posture.  I’ve googled some stretches and exercises, and I’ve been good about doing them.  It’s remembering to stand up straight that’s been the hardest.  Old habits die hard.

Another thing I have been doing lately, is going through emails to unsubscribe from all of the junk I don’t want.  It’s amazing how many emails I get on a daily basis, and just having to weed through them and delete the ones I don’t want is quite time consuming.  It takes some extra time on the front end, but I’ve been taking a few extra minutes and unsubscribing to try and cut down on the email clutter.  Hopefully, this will save me time in the future and reduce the unwanted spam.

What are your goals for the new year?

Thanks Erika and Shay for for starting this link up!  Tune in the 2nd Wednesday of each month for more fun topics!

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