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Neurotoxins: Botox vs Jeuveau (#newtox)

September 9, 2019
This post is in partnership with aNu Aesthetics and Wellness.  As always all opinions are my own.  

I never really paid much attention to the fine lines and wrinkles on my face.  And then I turned 40.  All of a sudden started noticing SO many lines.  Did they just magically appear overnight on my 40th birthday?  I had never considered Botox before, but my new obsession with my wrinkles was making me crazy.  After winning a gift card at my husband’s holiday party, I treated myself to some Botox!

I was nervous, but excited.  I knew several people who had done it before and every single person had a great experience.  I wanted to be conservative, especially the first time.  And I was also concerned about looking like Jack Nicholson.  You know…where your brow arches up because the Botox wasn’t administered correctly?  It’s not attractive on many people other than ole Jack (and his is natural…as far as I know).  I also didn’t want to look frozen.  I show a lot of expression in my face when I am talking, and I didn’t want to lose that.

I trusted the one and only Dr. Cristyn Watkins at aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness with my face.  She is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease from the start.  I explained what areas I wanted to see improvements, and what my goals/concerns were.  We went conservative the first time around, as I was wanting to do.  She injected along the top of my eye brows, between my brows, and also a little bit around my crows feet, on the sides of my eyes.  It took about a week to notice a difference, but pretty soon, my forehead started looking so smooth!  It lasted about 3-4 months, and then gradually started wearing off.  I could tell that I started getting more movement in my forehead and the lines were starting to reappear.  It was time to book another appointment!

The second time around, I added some additional units close to my hairline to take care of the wrinkles on the upper part of my forehead.  This time, I did have a slight brow arch after about a week.  It was an easy fix though; I just went back into the office for a quick shot of 2 additional units and that took care of the issue!  This is pretty common with those of us who have larger foreheads.

I have had Botox twice, but aNu Aesthetics recently got a new FDA approved neurotoxin called Jeuveau, also known as #NewTox.  Jeuveau is very similar to Botox, and also Dysport.  It contains fewer preservatives and it also takes effect more quickly than Botox.  Both of those sounded like positives to me, so I gave Jeuveau a try!  The number of units you need is the same for Jeuveau or Botox, and that number varies person to person.  

Dr. Watkins let me take a photo of this study reported in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.  Jeuveau is shown in the red, and Botox is represented in orange.  As you can see, they are pretty close in they way they performed, but Jeuveau snuck out a little bit higher than it’s competition!  This combined with fewer preservatives and a quicker onset time has me thinking Jeuveau will be my choice from now on!

My last Botox injection was in March.  And then I got Juveau on September 3.  I purposely let enough time pass to allow full movement to return to my forehead.  I wanted to be able to show you the difference before and after the injections.

And here it is…

Makes quite a difference, huh?  I am trying to wrinkle my brow, but the muscles are relaxed and don’t allow me to make those movements,  And neurotoxins aren’t just for your forehead.  People get them in their lips to help correct a gummy smile or a resting frown face.  You can get them in your nose if you wrinkle your nose frequently.  Neurotoxins are even used for non-cosmetic purposes such as migraines and excess sweating!

aNu Aesthetics is having Wrinkle Free week starting TODAY, September 9.  During this week only, you can get $50 off if you spend $350 or more on any neurotoxin.  If you have been wondering if Jeuveau/Botox/Dysport is right for you, schedule an appointment and go see Dr. Watkins and her staff!  They are amazing!  

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