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My Favorite Natural Deodorant (Store Bought)

February 28, 2018

Hey, hey, hey!  How goes it friends?  I know most of you are aware of my hippie ways when it comes to deodorant and other personal care products.  Not everything I use is 100% free of junky chemicals, but I try to avoid them when I can.  I have previously shared how I make my own deodorant, and I know a lot of you are probably thinking that’s crazy, but it is super easy to make and it really does work!

Best Natural Deodorants:  A Review /

However, I’ll be honest with you…sometimes I don’t want to rub the homemade stuff on with my fingers.  And sometimes I would like a little fragrance.  I am always on the hunt for something new and amazing, but after trying several different types of natural deodorants and being disappointed, I eventually just resorted to making my own.  I can now say I have converted to purchasing deodorant in stick form again and I LOVE IT!  It’s free of aluminum and parabens, it comes in some amazing scent options, and I don’t have to wash my hands after I apply it!

If you weren’t already aware, most anti-perspirants contain aluminum along with a slew of other additives that are not good for you.  Aluminum is linked to a variety of health problems, including cancer, but the one I am most concerned about is it’s link with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Many of you know that I have personal connection with Alzheimer’s because my dad was affected by it at a relatively young age.  The rise in dementia related illnesses and cancer is concerning, so the more I can do to try to lessen the cause, the better.  

I am going to give you my honest review of a few of the natural deodorants I have tried and tell you my absolute favorite one that won me over.

Best Natural Deodorants:  A Review /

Toms of Maine (not pictured):  This is referred to as the “stink stick” amongst my family.  I think you can figure out why.  Deodorant fail.

Primal Pit Paste:  I used this for several years before finally getting annoyed at it and making my own.  They offer both a stick and a jar option, but the formulas are slightly different.  I preferred the jar option because it seemed to go on smoother and was less gritty than the stick.  The stick deodorant was clumpy and left my armpits feeling sticky.  The downside of the jar is that you do have to apply it with your hands, if that’s not something you’re willing to do.  Some of their scents were too potent for my liking.  I did like the orange creamsicle and lemongrass thyme.  I would definitely recommend this one, but it’s not my #1 fave. 

Thinksport:  I had high hopes for this brand because I love their sunscreen and have been using it for years.  I was disappointed with their deodorant though.  It was hard to apply, gritty feeling, and I felt stinky.  

Lavanila (not pictured):  This is probably my third favorite.  I like that they offer some yummy smells.  I have tried the vanilla coconut and the vanilla summer.  I did feel the need to reapply often, like probably about 3 times a day.  And while they have recently lowered the priced, at $14 for only 1.7oz, it is still rather expensive.  If you are not a super sweaty person, then this one would probably work fine for you.

Pharmaca:  I shop at Pharmaca often.  They offer a variety of natural and organic personal care products and they have free shipping over $35.  I decided to try their own brand of natural deodorant, but I wasn’t happy with it.  The formula was very mushy, and I did not feel like it did a very good job at absorbing the moisture.  

And now, the winner is….

Native!  I have been using this deodorant for over a year now, and it is amazing!  It comes in a stick, for easy application and they have a variety of yummy smells.  My favorite scent is the coconut vanilla, but I have loved all of the scents I’ve tried so far.  If you use my link to sign up and place an order, they will give you a free mini deodorant of your choice as a thank you!  They offer free shipping on every order and they also offer a discount if you sign up for a subscription (which can be cancelled at any time).  I love having my deodorant show up at my doorstep without even having to think about it.  

Best Natural Deodorants:  A Review /

I can’t say enough good things about this brand.  But, if you don’t believe me, just check out their reviews!  Over 4300 people rated this deodorant with 5 stars!  That definitely says something!  I have only tried their regular deodorant, but for those of you who may be sensitive to baking soda, they do have a sensitive version which is baking soda free.  

Something to keep in mind when switching from standard anti-perspirant to a natural deodorant is that your body is supposed to sweat.  Anti-perspirant prevents this from happening, so when you switch to a natural deodorant, you will sweat.  The point of the deodorant is to absorb that sweat so  it doesn’t turn into body odor.  If you sweat heavily, you may find that you will need to reapply mid-day.  I do find that I like to re-apply in the summer months, but this is a small price to pay for knowing that what I am using is good for my body and my brain!

I hope this post was helpful.  If you haven’t considered switching to a natural deodorant, you should just take the plunge!  

**Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission.  Thank you for your support!

Best Natural Deodorants:  A Review /

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