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Lululemon: A Review

June 22, 2018
I finally took the Lululemon plunge!  And it only took about 4 bottles of champagne.  During my girls trip, back in April, my friends and I went to brunch, where they offered bottomless mimosas, and boy did we take advantage of that!  We stayed at the restaurant long enough to order 2 meals, and continuously drank mimosas the entire time.  When we finally decided we had had enough (or maybe the restaurant kicked us out–my memory is a little foggy), we proceeded to invade Lululemon and try on everything in the store.  Now, I was the only one of the group who didn’t already own a pair of their famous leggings, so my friends were determined to convert me.  But, I will say I was planning on walking out of there empty handed, with no regrets, if I didn’t just absolutely love them.  Because while I was sure they would have to be better than Old Navy, it’s hard to beat $15 leggings, ya know?

Align legging / $5 tank (size down) / sports bra / shoes

Anywho, back to the story.  My friend was showing me around the store, and the salesperson who got stuck with me (poor girl) was extremely patient and tried to explain all of the different types of leggings to me…meanwhile, I was leaning up against the wall and searching for the nearest water fountain, while acting like I was paying attention.  I managed to take a few pictures while I was there, but I didn’t get a lot, and some of the pictures I can’t even tell which leggings I am wearing.  #drunkshopping #bloggerfail
I tried on what seemed like 100 pairs of leggings, a few sports bras, and some shorts.  I came home with 2 pairs of leggings…so considering the damage I could have done, I was pretty proud of myself.  I settled on the Align pant and the Breezy Dot.  
The sales person talked me into sizing down in both pairs, but when I got home and tried them on again, I decided I didn’t like how the Breezy Dot fit…they were too tight in the waist for me.  I took them back to my local store and had the opportunity to try on several more pair of leggings, but this time I was stone sober, so I took some pics in hopes of helping you navigate the world of Lulu!
A few things before we get started:  I am 5’6″ and usually between a 6 and an 8 in pants.  Their 7/8 length pant was more like a full on pant…no fractions in my opinion.  The length was plenty long on me with extra material to spare.  In hind sight, I kind of wish I would have gotten the Align crop because I think it would be more versatile for multiple seasons.  If you are on the shorter side, I would definitely recommend getting the crops vs the 7/8 pant unless you just want the pant legs to cover your entire foot.
Ok, let’s start with the most famous of the leggings, and my favorite pair:  Align
These are made of their Nulu studio fabric, meaning they are very stretchy, and allow for lots of movement.  I absolutely love them!  They are so comfortable and I have worn them time and time again not only to Pure Barre, but also just out and about.  I can wear them with sweaters, and they don’t look like workout leggings at all.  They are a high waist, which I like, but they are not constricting and don’t dig in.  The material helps keep things in place, but it is not compression-like.   I opted for black because I knew I would get the most use out of that color.  One thing I will mention is because the material is not super thick, the lighter colors would probably show some cellulite.  Another reason I chose black.  Lululemon says these give you a naked sensation, and I would agree…except better because things don’t jiggle as much!  Above you can see the pant length compared to the crop length.  Definitely size down in these babies.  I ended up with a 4, which I was a little nervous about once I sobered up, but they fit great!  
I really liked these, but I got them in a size 4, and they were just too tight all over, especially in the waist.  My local store didn’t have them in my size, so I ended up exchanging them for a different pair.  I do think if they would have had them in the right size, I would have kept them.  These pants are more compression-like, so they keep everything nice and snug.  They have pockets on the sides which are handy for your phone or key.  They have small perforations along the leg for cooling.

And this is the Breezy Dot Crop.  This was the only color they had in my size, but I wasn’t loving the white on myself.  You can see the pockets and the perforated side panels in the lighter color though, so I wanted to share these pics.  It’s also a good comparison of the 7/8 vs crop length.

First of all, sorry for the large black smears in these pics.  It wasn’t until I started uploading them that I realized my son was doing something inappropriate in the mirror!  So, I’ll spare you.  These babies have zoned compression, which I appreciate because they hug in the right places (hence the name!), but don’t squeeze the life out of you all over.  There is no front seam, so no fear of camel toe!  Side pockets large enough to hold your phone and an interior waistband pocket for your key or a card.  
These had what I considered a tight waistband.  The top part of the waistband was not very stretchy and dug in, leaving a mark on my waist.  The overall feel of the leggings were not super compression-like, in fact, they were really comfortable, but I was not happy with the way the waistband felt so I put these back on the shelf.  They have side pockets, a raw hem at the ankle and also reflector dots on the ankle.  If you have a smaller waist, you may love these!
These have a soft, stretchable fabric that feels like second skin.  It is a little bit thicker than the Align leggings, but it wasn’t super constricting at all.  These are recommended for yoga or the gym…or just hanging out!  The waistband seemed a little bit wider than the Align and they have a pocket in the waistband, but no side pockets.  These would be a good everyday legging to wear with sweaters and boots!  
These felt nice and they were a good length.  I would have preferred maybe one more inch to insure they don’t ride up when I walk, but I think they would have been fine.  The waistband was nice and wide, and they did not give me a muffin top.  Perforated side panels and zippered back pocket for a key or card.  
Ultimately, I ended up with the In Movement crop in a size 6.  The above pic shows the 7/8 length, but I opted for the crops.  The fabric was a cross between the Align and the more compressive tights.  They do not have side pockets, but there is a hidden pocket in the back waistband.  The waistband on these does not dig in at all, and they are very comfortable!  They stay in place while I am working out and provide a little more support than the Align leggings.  I’m very happy with my exchange!
So, I know that was a lot of info, and I didn’t even touch on all of the options they have available in the store.  If you are looking for a compression legging, then I would highly recommend going into the store and chatting with a sales rep.  Actually, I would recommend doing that no matter which kind you are looking for.  If you don’t live near a Lululemon store, they do offer free shipping and free returns, so you could order several pair and try them on at home!  
All in all, I love my leggings and I am glad I finally took the plunge!  Thanks to my girls, Lauren and Meg, for saucing me up with champagne and dragging me to Lululemon!   That’s what friends are for! 
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