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Lovin Lately

November 3, 2016

Hey there!  I haven’t done a favorite things post in a while, so I thought it was time to share some other items that I have been lovin lately!  I can NOT believe it’s already November.  Where did the year go?  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and then time just snowballs until 2017.  I love it though…all of the things to do and yummy food and getting together with family and friends.  It’s so fun, but it’s also a lot of work.  Luckily I actually enjoy getting together with my family, so that definitely makes the holidays more joyful! Anywho, on to the items you have always wanted, but never knew it.

Kinetic Sand.  This stuff is amazing!  It buys me hours of time that I would not have had otherwise by entertaining my sons while I do stuff around the house or cook dinner.  It is definitely still messy, but not anywhere near the mess that real sand would make.  We have the regular kinetic sand and also the build sand.  I prefer the build sand because it sticks together more easily and therefore, doesn’t make as big of a mess, but the boys enjoy playing with both kinds.  They build things with it, and also use their toy cars and tractors to drive over their sand roads.  Entertainment for hours!  And it doesn’t dry out!  Unlike play dough, you can leave it on the counter and come back hours, or even days, later and it will be just the same.  Magic stuff I tell ya.

Microplane grater.  I use this baby several times a week to shred an assortment of items from lemon zest to parmesan cheese.  It shreds things very finely, and I love how it can make a light, fluffy pile of parmesan on top of my bowl of pasta or salad.  I’ve also used it for ginger, chocolate, and onions among other things.  There is no greater grater!  Ha!  I’m a dork…I know.

Does anyone else have a crap ton of notes in their phone notes app?  I currently have 77, and I just deleted a few of them yesterday.  I LIVE for my lists.  I find so much pleasure in making a list and then getting to cross things off of it.  I suppose it is just a part of my brain that needs to physically see what I have accomplished.  At any rate, before this handy little app, I was the queen of sticky notes.  I had a sticky note for all kinds of different things: To Do’s, Groceries, Target, Gift Ideas, etc.  Keeping up with all of them was a challenge, so I absolutely love that they are now all together in one neat place on my phone.  Thank you notes app inventor!  I salute you!

My Quotable Kid.  Kids say the darndest things, and it’s darn hard to remember them all!  I have enjoyed keeping track of funny little quotes and short stories about my boys with this book.  Because I don’t always have the book handy when something worth remembering happens, I often jot it down quickly in one of my 77 phone notes, and then later I sit down and transfer them into this book.  Chase is 7 and loves for me to read his funny sayings back to him.  This is one of those things I will always treasure as a mom, but also something that the boys will really enjoy reflecting back on later in life.

And because it’s still apple season, I wanted to share this little gadget with you.  I got this a couple of years ago and it was one of those things I thought would probably become just another member of the dusty retired kitchen gadget collection, but it is actually used quite often in our house.  With a few twists of your wrist, this device simultaneously peels, cores, and slices an apple.  It’s easy to use and easy to clean, and the kids love to eat apple spirals.  And, if you are making an apple pie or apple crisp, this bad boy can be a huge time saver!

Whelp, that’s it for this round of Lovin Lately!  What are your favorite items at the moment?

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