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Lovin’ Lately

January 13, 2017

It’s your favorite time of the month!  And, no, I don’t mean when Aunt Flo visits.  It’s time for Lovin’ Lately!  The time when I tell you about things that have been rocking my world lately…things you need to know about…things that will change your life for the better.  That’s a bold statement.  But, I really do only showcase items that I have tried and loved, so I feel it’s pretty accurate!

Before we talk about things I have been loving, I need to talk about something that has been driving me bonkers!  Whistling.  My youngest brother used to whistle ALL.THE.TIME.  As a sibling who was 5 1/2 years older, it drove me nutso.  And now I find myself in bizarre time warp because my son is obsessed with whistling.  He whistles while he works on Legos.  He whistles while he does his homework.  He whistles first thing when he wakes up in the morning.  Instead of a rooster crowing, I hear Chase whistling.  Whistle, whistle, whistle.  I am usually pretty good at tuning annoying children things out, but this has started to get under my skin.  I think it’s getting louder.  He’s had a LOT of practice, and he’s really quite good at it, unfortunately for me.  He doesn’t even realize he is doing it most of the time.  The other day, I asked him to stop for a little bit to give my head a rest, and he politely agreed, and then within 1 minute, he was whistling again.  I reminded him to please take a break from the whistling, and he said, “oops, sorry!”, only to start back up again another minute later.  It’s an uncontrollable habit at this point!  We are going on a road trip this weekend, so I’m going to have to get this boy some gum, or maybe a jawbreaker…anything to obstruct his whistle hole!  Anywho, I just had to vent.  Now, on to the things I am loving…and no…there are no whistles involved.

I look forward to fall and cooler weather so I can start drinking my favorite tea!  I love this Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea.  I suppose I could drink it all year round, but it just seems more appropriate in the cooler months.  I am a southern girl at heart, so I like my tea SWEET.  But, I’ve really been trying to cut out a lot of the unnecessary sugar, so sweet tea had to go.  I love this tea because it’s naturally sweet and I don’t feel the need to add any extra sugar to it.  They have a caffeine free version, but I drink it in the morning, so I go for the caffeine.

Mole skin.  Weird sounding, I know.  But, it’s a life saver, or should I say a foot saver.  I can’t stand when shoes rub the wrong way, even just a teensie little bit, so I keep this on hand at all times.  It’s fuzzy and soft on one side and super sticky on the other.  You can cut it to the desired shape and then stick it to the inside of your shoe to prevent blisters.  I have used it on several pairs of my own shoes, and even a couple of my son’s shoes when he complained about the heel hurting.  I don’t always like to wear socks with my booties and flats, and this helps prevent blisters from forming.  If you do have a bad blister you can also put this directly onto your skin, but I prefer to put it on the shoe.  It sticks well and holds up, and has never come off of any of my shoes.

With all of the New Year’s resolutions going on right now, I wanted to share my favorite smoothie maker!  I have a fancy blender too, but my go to blender for making individual smoothies in the morning is this super cheap one!  For under $20, it comes with several cups and makes the perfect size shake or smoothie.  I also use it to blend up salad dressings or marinades. It’s so much easier to get out and to clean up then the larger Blendtec.  For big jobs, the Blendtec is amazing, but for my morning smoothie, this blender gets the blue ribbon.

Speaking of smoothies, I also love these glass straws.  Glass straws may sound slightly strange, but I try to limit my use of plastic, and drink out of glass or stainless steel when possible.  However, I hate the way stainless steel tastes if my lips or tongue touch it.  I was introduced to these glass straws a few years ago and have been loving them ever since!  They come in a 4 pack, and in over 3 years, I have only broken 1.  They are made of tempered glass, are very durable, and easy to clean with the included skinny straw cleaner.

And finally, if you haven’t already tried Ebates, you really need to hop on the money saving wagon!  It sounds like a hoax, but it’s totally legit.  I have been purchasing items through Ebates for over 4 years and I have earned a total of $839 cash back, and another $73 to be paid in February.  This is stuff I was going to buy anyway, and now I’m getting money back for it.  Here’s a screen shot of my account, to show you that it’s for real!

Oh yeah, and incase you didn’t know, my real name is Nishon.  That’s a story for a different time!  It’s super simple.  Just click here to sign up, then when you want to make a purchase, you just go to and search for the store you are wanting to purchase from.  Ebates will direct you to that store and track your purchases, then on a quarterly basis, you will get either a check in the mail, or a deposit into your paypal account for all qualifying purchases.  I buy so much more online then I did a few years ago, so I really try and make a conscious effort to check Ebates first.  Their site will also show you if any online coupons are available for the stores you are searching.  It’s a win win!  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that if you sign up through this link, they will give you $10 cash back when you make your first purchase through them!

Well, that rounds up the top 5 things I’m Lovin Lately, and 1 thing that is driving me crazy!  Enjoy the rest of your day, and feel free to share if there is anything you have been lovin lately!

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