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Leaving Credit Issues to the Pros

December 9, 2020

Thank you Lexington Law Firm for sponsoring this post. A high service partner and consumer advocate that will help you fight for the credit you deserve!

Prior to my days as a “blogger”, I was a residential loan officer, helping people get qualified for mortgage loans.  My department worked with people who had less-than-perfect credit scores.  I loved helping people purchase houses…seeing their faces when they were handed the key to their home;  It is the American dream after all!  But it was utterly heartbreaking when a loan would be denied due to a derogatory credit rating.

Let’s back up a little and break down some basics.  A credit score, also often referred to as a FICO score, is  a number between 300-850 that portrays a person’s creditworthiness.  The higher the score, the better.  The score is based on several things including the number of open accounts, total outstanding debt, repayment history, and other factors.  Banks and mortgage lenders use these scores to determine if they think the person is likely to repay their loan.

Taking care of your credit is very important!   Pay your bills on time, avoid obtaining too much credit card debt, and watch your spending.  A higher score will not only allow you the opportunity to obtain a loan, but it will also usually get you a lower interest rate (which is more money in your pocket).  But, what if you didn’t pay your bills on time right out of college?  What if you had a medical bill that was sent to collection 10 years ago?  What if there is a mistake on your credit report that is dragging the score down?

Unfortunately, every year millions of Americans are denied loans for homes and cars due to errors on their credit report. These things can stay on your report for up to seven years!

Here’s the good news…consumers have the legal right to dispute inaccurate items on their credit reports with creditors and also with the credit bureaus themselves.  But this process is confusing and extremely time consuming.  Lexington Law Firm believes you have a right to a fair and accurate credit report.  Their credit repair professionals are here to help you navigate the confusing credit repair process and fight for your right to good credit.

Lexington Law Firm is the  oldest and most respected name in the credit repair industry.  They are the only credit repair company that offers a legal-based solution for credit-repair.   The powerful combination of legal experience and technology allows them to advocate, customize solutions, and drive results for their consumers!

Because of their long-standing relationship with all three credit bureaus, (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union), Lexington Law Firm has a deep understanding of what it takes to get errors removed.  Being a Consumer Credit Protection Act (CROA) compliant organization, they are regulated extensively with auditors and regulators.  You can rest easy knowing your credit is in good hands.

If you have a blip on your credit report and aren’t sure what to do about it, contact Lexington Law Firm.  There’s no sense in letting credit errors prevent you from buying your dream home, getting a new car, or obtaining any other sort of loan.  Letting the professionals handle your credit repair will leave you with more time for making memories!

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