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Layering Rugs

October 16, 2018
I have been loving the layered rug trend for a while now.  I started layering rugs inside, in my living room and my son’s room, but I’ve also taken my love of layering outside!  I really like the added interest and texture two rugs gives.  It also allows you to occupy more space in an area if your current rug looks small in comparison to the space it is in.  
In Beckham’s room I have a cream shag rug layered with a thin lattice rug over the top.

Navy Rug / White Shag Rug / Bedding / Brass Lamp

The navy rug was his original nursery rug from our old house, where it laid on lighter carpet and really looked amazing!  When we moved into this house, the dark rug just got lost against the dark wood floors.  I still liked the rug, so I didn’t really want to shop for a new one.  I found this cream shag rug on major sale so I decided to layer it under the navy one to provide some contrast.  Now, the navy rug looks great again, and as an added bonus, he has a soft place to play!

Our living room rug is a square shape, which I wanted because we have a sectional that is the same width and length.  However, I felt like the rug was just a tad too small for the space and made the area seem smaller than it was.  I layered a jute 9×12 rug underneath, and even though it wasn’t square, I just shoved part of it underneath the couch until it looked square.

Having a few inches sticking out beyond the existing rug has made this space feel bigger and more grounded…less like it’s just floating out there in the middle of the living room.  Now, our coffee table on the other hand, definitely feels like it’s floating out there in the middle of nowhere. ?  It’s too small for this space, and one day we will get a new one, but I haven’t found one I love…so for now, this one serves it’s purpose! 

And as I mentioned, I have taken my layering obsession outside!  Here are two layered rug looks we had on our patio this summer, and now also into fall!  Using black and white as a backdrop allows me to change the seasons without having to change the rug.  I could use either one of these for a Christmas porch too!

Most doormats are a standard size, and they look rather small against a large front door.  Adding a slightly larger mat underneath makes the space seem larger and more inviting.  
Here are a few other rugs that would be fun for layering 
Buffalo check is always a win
Pretty fall leaves
A pop of color
A cowhide rug is great to layer with!

So, what’s your opinion?  Do you like the layered rug trend?

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