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Kid’s Gift Guide 2018

December 11, 2018

It’s GIFT GUIDE WEEK!  Let’s do a little happy dance, shall we?  This week I will be posting various gift guides to hopefully help you with some inspo for all of the people on your list.  If you don’t already receive my emails, you can sign up on the sidebar of the blog so you won’t miss any of the posts!

I don’t know about you, but my kiddos are still somewhat easy to buy for.  They are fairly consistent with what they like, and are pretty easy to please. (Even though Chase asked for an iPhone this year–not happening by the way!)  But, I know we all get stumped and it’s nice to find new, interesting gift ideas.  These are all items that my kids either have, or have expressed interest in.

I've gone crazy this year with Buffalo Check!  Can't get enough of this plaid pattern for Christmas!  And inside these pretty packages are fun gifts for my kiddos.  If you need ideas for your kids, head to the blog to check out my kid's gift guide!  I'm sharing a variety of items for all ages and at various price points.  Midwestern Mama

Hopefully you find something on this list that is unique and new to you, or that you think your little one will enjoy!

Mad Mattr:  If your kids like kinetic sand, they will LOVE Mad Matter!  It’s kind of a cross between play dough and kinetic sand.  It doesn’t dry out, but it’s not as messy as the kinetic sand.  Both of my boys love it!

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash:  This track is all the rage and gets amazing reviews!  If your little one likes playing with cars, he/she will love watching them race around this track and crash into each other!

Ozbot:  We love our Ozbot!  So much so that when he accidentally got washed in the washing machine, I happily ordered another one because it teaches the kiddos to code.  Using different colored markers, you make a track for the Ozbot to follow, and it will perform different tasks for the various colors.

Melissa and Doug Play Store:  This looks like so much fun!  When my boys saw this in the Target toy catalog, they both wanted it!  This is a great gift if you have boys or girls and also children of various ages! 

Magnatiles / Magformers:  My boys love these magnetic squares!  They can create countless structures with them, and I love how it sparks their creativity.  I also love that you can continue to add to their collection over time.  This is a great toy for all ages!

Meccanoid:  This robot can take commands and even tell jokes.  Your child will have fun putting it together, and then it’s the gift that keeps on giving because he will then have his own personal robot!
There are also smaller, less detailed building kits, including a Meccasaur (robot dinosaur), and this construction set looks really cool!

Lite Bright:  All of the retro toys are making a big comeback, including this one!  Maybe I just secretly want one for myself.

Don’t Step In It:  This game gets great reviews for all ages!  Sometimes it’s hard to find a game the entire family enjoys, but this looks like a funny winner!

Drone:  Parents and kids alike enjoy playing with remote controlled drones!  There are small ones, large ones, drones with cameras attached, etc.  We have this one and it is a great size, the remote is easy to use, and it also has an auto land control which comes in handy!

Marble Run:  This has been one of those toys my boys have played with for years, and they both still enjoy creating new structures!  We have added to our original kit, which allows them to build bigger and better runs for their marbles.

Air Hog:  These are fun because they are similar to a drone, but instead of using a remote control, they have motion sensitive sensors that detect your hand movements to fly.

Smart Watch:  This watch has a camera which can also take videos, a pedometer, and a built in game. Super fun for the kiddos and helps them tell time with both a digital and analog setting!

Tegu wooden blocks: We have and love these magnetic wooden blocks.  They are a little pricey, but my kids have played and played with them for years and they are still in amazing shape.  It is definitely a quality toy that will hold up over time.  This is another one of those things that you can start out small, with just a few pieces, then add to it for future gifting occasions!

Fort building kit:  We have a similar kit (I was not able to find our exact one), and my boys LOVE this SO much!  They build all kinds of crazy things with it, then we throw an old sheet over the top to create tents, forts, teepees, etc.

Kindle Fire:  These Kindle tablets are so inexpensive right now!  At the time this was published, they were priced at $49.  That’s insane!  We love these kid cases.  Just double check that the size is correct if you order one for your device, as there are several different tablet sizes.

Nerf Elite Infinus Blaster:  If you’re like me, you think a Nerf gun is a Nerf gun, and how can this one be any different than the rest of them.  But, let me just tell you, this one is so cool!  It automatically loads the bullets, then stores them in a 30 dart drum, and fires super fast!  If your kiddo is into Nerf, this is a great gift!

Fingerling:  These interactive finger pets are another item that seems to be hot on everyone’s list this year.  A boy version is this Untamed Raptor.

Stomp Rocket:  Kids can launch a rocket up to 400 feet in the air simply by jumping and stomping!  Great fun for all ages!

Experiences:  I am sure I’m not the only parent who is actually dreading finding a place for all of the new “things” my kids will be getting for Christmas.  I love it when people give them experiences, like movie tickets, or a season pass to their favorite theme park.  If you are local to Kansas City, you can get a Winter Pass for $50, which includes admission to Lego Land, Sea Life Aquarium, Mavricks game, Sporting KC game, Coco Key Water Resort, and Power Play. Another one is POGO pass, which has a variety of different attractions as well.

I hope that list helped you or at least inspired you for a future gift or two!  Let me know in the comments if your little one has a favorite toy so we can all share ideas with each other!

The links in this post are affiliate links which means I may make a small commission if an item is purchased.  This does not affect the price you pay, but it does help me maintain my blog.  Thank you so much for supporting me!

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