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Keep Strawberries Fresh

June 8, 2021
Keep Strawberries Fresh Longer

It’s strawberry season! And we LOVE strawberries in this house! What we don’t love is when our beloved strawberries go bad before we have had a chance to eat them. I’ve been using this method for keeping strawberries fresh for a few years now and I really do think it helps prolong the life of your berries. Once you get into a habit, it’s hardly any extra work, but so worth it!

Some people prefer to store their strawberries unwashed and just wash before eating them. However, when you have hungry kiddos, it’s SO nice to have the fruit prepped and ready for them to grab. I prefer to wash my fruit right when I get home from the store, ensuring if they grab a snack, it’s clean and ready to eat.

Keep Strawberries Fresh Longer

Step 1: Right after you purchase your berries, soak them in a vinegar bath. Mix 1/2 cup vinegar to 3 cups cold water for every 1 pound of strawberries. Let them soak in the bath for 5-10 minutes, stirring periodically to submerge them all. Then, drain in a colander. The vinegar will kill any mold spores that are currently growing on the berries. And you don’t taste the vinegar at all! I promise. Set a timer so you don’t forget about your berries. If you leave them in the vinegar bath too long, the vinegar will start to break down the strawberry skin and they can get mushy.

Keep Strawberries Fresh Longer

Step 2: Dry the berries completely. Once they have drip dried, transfer the strawberries to an absorbent tea towel or paper towels until fully dry. It’s very important to get them as dry as possible, as the remaining moisture only helps to spur mold growth. I’ve also heard of people using a salad spinner, but I haven’t tried that method yet.

Step 3: You will need an airtight, glass container to help prolong the life of your strawberries. A mason jar works, but I prefer ones like this. Line the bottom of the glass container with a paper towel. The paper towel will help absorb any extra moisture that may still be on the strawberries. Once the strawberries are completely dry, store them in the container with the lid sealed.

I actually use this trick for all of my berries!

What is your favorite way to eat strawberries? We have been blending them into yummy drinks this summer!

Keep Strawberries Fresh Longer
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