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Introducing MODish Design Co

August 11, 2020

Hey hey hey! How are ya friends? I am SOOOO excited to share with you a little project I have been working on for a while now. But first, I am going to give you a little background on how it came about.

Pre-COVID, I started working on an idea that I had been thinking about for quite some time. I was scheduled to visit the Dallas market to shop for items for my new business. But then life as we know it came to a screeching halt. It was extremely disappointing, but I tried to focus on the positive things and be thankful that my husband still had his job, my family was healthy, and I was able to stay at home with my boys. It was hard not to be bummed though.

Once I realized that this virus was not going anywhere any time soon, I came to accept that my original dream was going to have to wait. So, I pondered. I had this burning desire to do SOMETHING.

The idea to have an accessories shop has also been on my mind for a long time. I have tons of photos in my phone of fun jewelry pieces I have seen throughout the years with the idea that one day I would do something similar. During one of my insomnia fueled late night internet searches, I was inspired to finally start a jewelry and accessories business of my own. I have always loved accessories, and have often times made my own pieces. This idea lit a fire in me and seemed like a perfect fit! I was so driven to make this dream a reality that I poured every free minute I had into researching, watching YouTube videos, creating a website, ordering supplies, etc. And here we are today!

The first collection I have available is my Beach Bangle collection. I have worn these all-weather, rubber bracelets all summer long and I freaking love them! I shower in them, sleep in them, wear them in the pool…they are amazing! Made from recycled flip flops, they are super lightweight and come in so many fun colors!

They are made by women in Africa and sold Fair Trade. This was extremely appealing to me because I am proud to be supporting other women who are taking care of their families!

I would love it if you would go check it out! Click here:
You can follow MODish on Instagram
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I am building up these social media accounts from scratch, so it would mean SO much to me if you could take a minute and like these pages! ?

I am working on some additional collections to add soon, so stay tuned!

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