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I’m Coming Out of the JCP Closet

November 9, 2016

I like to dress cute.  What can I say, I enjoy wearing clothes that are in style and make me feel like a girl.  Since becoming a mother though I feel like I haven’t wanted to spend a lot of money on clothing for myself.  For one thing, it often gets ruined, either by my children or my dogs, and it’s hard to justify spending a large amount of money on something that could potentially be barfed on.  I love shopping at Nordstrom and J Crew and don’t get me wrong, they do have good deals from time to time, but for the most part I have been finding some really cute stuff at JC Penny lately.  What the WHAT?  That’s right.  JC Penny.  I know what you’re thinking…that’s where my grandmother gets her velour jumpsuits and her old lady bras.  But, I’m telling you they have really stepped up their game the past few years!  I have secretly been shopping there for a while, and I get compliments A LOT on things I wear.  Sometimes I offer up where I got it and people are always shocked!

I was in the store earlier this week to return an online purchase, when I spotted a cute white puffer vest.  Regular price $40, on sale for $19.99, and they ALWAYS have coupons, so I quickly hopped on my phone and found a 30% off coupon…making it $13.99!  I walked by the clearance section and they had several racks of summer items marked down to $4.97!  That’s insane.  But what is even crazier is that they let you use coupons on the sale items too!  So instead of paying a whopping $4.97, it was $3.48.  Does that even cover their cost for making the shirt?  I don’t really care.  All I know is that I got a great deal on 3 items and I spent $21.  That’s just absurd in my opinion, but it was too good to pass up!

Here are a few other finds I have recently purchased from JC Penny and I love them ALL!

This is a great length to pair with skinny jeans or leggings.  I love the color for fall.  The fabric is a nice knit that’s not too thin and not too thick.  It lays nicely and is forgiving in the tummy area.  They don’t show this detail online but the sleeves have a cute zipper up the sides!
I like to wear mine with my green puffer vest.
This is the same shirt as above, but I really liked this color too.  It looks much brighter online, but in person it’s a great color of orange!  The insides of the sleeves and the collar have a cute polka dot detail that I love (the blue one has it too).  With the weather being on the warmer side lately, I’ve been wearing the sleeves rolled up to show the underneath side.  They really do need to advertise these details on their site!  It’s something you wouldn’t know unless you bought it or saw it in the store.
Polka dot sleeve detail
And, here’s me in all my modeling glory.  The back is slightly longer then the front, so it’s easy to do the half tuck with this shirt.  
This is very flattering!  Could be easily dressed up with a statement necklace and some cute pants or a pencil skirt.  It also comes in a cheetah print if that’s more your inner African animal!
And, this was from the summer, but I want you to see another cute outfit, all from JC Penny.  The capris and shirt are both Stylus brand.  I wore them all summer long!

Back in the day when Jean Claude Van Dam was a popular movie star, my Dad used to call this store Jean Claude Penne, I suppose to make it sound fancier.  Well, fancy or not, I have always been pleased with my purchases and I will continue to be a patron.  They also have great deals on kids clothing and during the holidays they carry a lot of the popular toys.  Some of the stores even have a Sephora located inside, so it’s like killing 2 birds with one stone!  You can get your beauty supplies and find a cute shirt or dress for date night all in one stop.  I love the efficiency.  So, if you are stuck in a fashion rut and don’t want to spend a lot of money, give it a chance!  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Oh, and don’t forget to look for a coupon before you checkout!  Happy shopping

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