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Halo Laser Treatment

December 17, 2021
skin after Halo laser treatment

I recently had Halo, a laser treatment that targets a myriad of things on your face. After sharing on Instagram, SO many of you were intrigued and wanted to know more. I got lots of questions about the experience, pros & cons, would I do it again, etc…so I thought it would be best to put all of this information into a blog post.

Thank you to Aestheticare for gifting me the Halo treatment. All opinions are my own.

What is Halo?
Halo is a hybrid fractional laser treatment that targets various signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, acne scars, and pore size.

My main motivation for getting Halo was to reverse the sun damage on my face. Being a child of the 80’s and 90’s, I spent hours and hours baking in the sun with baby oil slathered all over my body. I had been seeing a lot of this damage show up in the form of brown spots on my cheeks and nose. I have had them spot treated with IPL, but they eventually came back and IPL did not seem quite intense enough for what I needed to see long term results.

Halo also increases your production of collagen, which helps with fine lines and wrinkles. I was excited to reverse the signs of aging and get that “Halo glow”!

before halo laser treatment
Numbing prior to the Halo treatment.

Does it hurt?
The actual procedure itself was pretty painless. I numbed for an hour prior to the treatment, so I didn’t feel much. Every now and then, when the laser would reach the edge of my face, where the numbing cream wasn’t applied as thickly, it felt like a hot rubber band snap. As the treatment went on, I could start to feel the heat in my face. I held a fan over the right side of my face while the left was being treated.

After the treatment was completely finished, my face was ON FIRE! I’ve never felt burning like that before. They told me the sensation wold last about 2 hours, but in reality it was more like 3-4 hours for me. I sat directly in front of a fan, continuously rotating ice packs on my face and spritzing myself with thermal spray. After about 4 hours, I felt like I could step away from the fan without wanting to punch someone. That evening I was able to sleep fine and the next day I had zero pain.

halo laser day of treatment
2 hours post treatment, I was happiest in front of a fan, rotating ice packs!

What is the down time?
This varies person to person, depending on how your body reacts. Some people are able to return to work the day following the treatment. I, however, woke up as swollen as a blowfish and was super thankful I didn’t have to leave the house that day. I ended up being swollen for about 4 days, even with taking Prednisone and antihistamines, and sleeping elevated. But, I also know other women who didn’t swell at all. Keep reading to see the day by day photos.

My face felt tight and dry for several days following the Halo treatment. I washed it twice a day with gentle cleanser Aestheticare provided me with, and applied Cera Ve cream in addition to Cicalfate, which is the consistency of diaper rash cream.

On day 5 the MENDs really started to slough off, to the point where it was snowing scabs all over my house! Pretty gross, but it was crazy how much dead skin was falling off my face. And by day 8 my skin was smooth, MEND-free, and I could now see that Halo glow!

Skin after halo laser treatment
This photo taken on day 8

How much does it cost?
Halo treatments can vary, but as of the date this was published, Aestheticare charges $1499 for a full face treatment. You can also treat your neck, if desired.

Here are the day by day photos of my Halo treatment:

halo laser treatment day to day photos

Day 0 / Immediately after treatment. My face was feeling extremely hot on the way home. I had the air conditioning maxed out and kept holding an ice pack on my cheeks.

Day 1 I woke up very swollen. No pain, but my face felt like sand paper, was dry, and tight.

Day 2 the MENDs are starting to form. This is all of the underlying sun damage that is deep below the surface of my skin. It would eventually surface in the form of brown spots, but Halo was able to pull it to the surface!

Day 3 the MENDs are darker and more pronounced

Day 4 my skin felt like sandpaper. I continued to apply the thick creams.

Day 5 I had Punky Brewster vibes. If you saw me from afar, I looked like I had a lot of dark freckles.

The difference from day 5 to day 6 was the most dramatic for me. So many of the MENDs sloughed off and I was able to see the start of my fresh skin underneath.

By day 7, 90% of the MENDs were gone. A very small amount remained around my hairline and on my nose, It’s hard to avoid picking them off, but you have to trust the process! Leave those MENDs alone!

skin after Halo laser treatment

Two weeks post treatment
Look at that Halo Glow! My face will continue to produce collagen for up to 6 months post-treatment (which helps with the fine lines), but I can already see what a difference it has made.

halo laser treatment before and after

One month post treatment I went back to Aestheticare for my before / after. The pictures don’t lie! I was truly shocked when I saw my before and after photos next to one another! When you see yourself every day, it’s hard to really grasp the changes that are taking place. But, WOW!

halo laser treatment before and after photos

My skin age went from 45 to 34! That’s insane! For reference, my actual age is 43. I’ll take 34 year old skin any day!

One thing I wasn’t expecting is how the Halo treatment helped with my acne! I have been getting fewer breakouts and the pigment discoloration caused by past acne is virtually gone.

halo laser treatment before and after

Would I do it again?
I honestly didn’t know how to respond to this question until I saw my before and after scans. I had forgotten what my skin looked like prior to the treatment. The treatment is expensive, and painful the day of. And it took about a week for me to look like normal again. But, after seeing my before and after scans, I can now confidently say it’s 100% worth it and YES I would definitely do it again!

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