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Halloween Home Tour 2017

October 17, 2017
It’s that time again…time to break out all of the skeletons and ghouls and that beautiful black and orange decor!  ha!  While I’m not particularly a fan of black and orange, I do love Halloween.  My boys are taking after me because I was not super motivated to go through all of the tubs and get the decorations out this year, but they insisted…so we did it, and I am happy that they pushed me to do it.  They have fun remembering things from last year and playing with the battery operated spooky things.  I know a lot of people don’t bother with Halloween, they just skip straight to fall/Thanksgiving decor.  But, we usually try to put some Halloween things out, so I’ll give you a tour of what we have up this year.

Our mantel 

Kitchen table

I like to put out pictures of past Halloweens!  It’s fun to look back on what the kids were each year.

Halloween up on top and fall down below 😉  This is the table I painted on my Instagram stories a few months ago.  I love how it turned out!  It was previously a dark wood, so this robin egg blue really helped brighten the space!

And, here’s a little fall preview.  I got these velvet pumpkins a few years ago after Thanksgiving when Hobby Lobby had their stuff marked down.  Mine have fake stems, but I have seen a DIY version where people used real pumpkin stems that were dried out.  They would be pretty simple to make!
And that’s pretty much it.  Some years we decorate more than others.  I tried to keep the decorations more centralized this year instead of stringing stuff throughout the entire house.  This way we feel like we are in the Halloween spirit without being overwhelmed with stuff.  And, it’s less to put away at the end of the month!  #bonus  Happy Halloween!

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