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Halloween Hangover

November 1, 2016

Does anyone else have a candy Hangover?  I’m always a little bummed out the day after Halloween.  So much build up, so much sugar, not enough sleep, then…crash.  Now what?  At least we have some super cute pictures to go through and remember how much fun it was.

Fun that is until the backhoe driver puked on the way home.  I’m talking projectile vomit all over himself, his car seat, the back of my seat, floorboard, and to top it all off…down the air conditioning vent.  And, we were 20 minutes from home.  Awesome.  So, instead of digging through my kids candy bags and stealing a few (or 20) pieces of candy, I was cleaning up vomit.  My thighs will thank me later.

The past few years, we have gone trick or treating in my husband’s home town.  It’s a very small, super cute town where the vendors on Main Street stand outside their shops and pass out candy.  It’s perfect for little legs because you can go up one side of Main Street and down the other fairly quickly and get plenty of goodies!

Chase was beaming with pride when so many people complimented him on his unique tractor.  I was proud to be his mama too because I know how hard he worked on it and that he did the majority of it on his own. His brain works like no other brain I’ve ever met.  He even attached a hydraulic line to his digger that was connected to the battery pack on the side.  I mean, what 7 year old thinks of that?  I can’t wait to see what he will do with his imagination in the future!

Some of the other creative costumes I saw this year were Darla from Finding Nemo, a garden gnome, and a cardboard box train!

For instructions on how I made the backhoe tractor costume out of a cardboard box, click here.
So, until next year…..

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