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Garage Floor Transformation

November 9, 2018
Hey friends!  I am branching out from my usual posts to bring you something super exciting!

Today we are going to discuss garage floors. ? Yep, that’s right.  Not something I had originally planned on blogging about, but I posted a few stories on Instagram about how we were having ours redone and you guys were extremely interested in it…so I thought I would just put it all in a blog post so you could reference back.

This post is not sponsored.  
Our garage is not just a garage.  It also doubles as my husband’s man cave.  He loves cars, and always has, so he likes to hang out in the garage and tinker with/clean them in his spare time.  We had this same type of epoxy garage floor at our last house, and it was so nice!  Not only did it make the space look more like a finished room, but it is nice when things spill because they are easily wiped up.  Nothing can stain them!  
When we moved, this house had a similar flooring in the garage, but it was flaking off in several spots.  We called the company who installed it, and he reluctantly came out to fix them, but they just continued to flake up.  
It was just an inferior product and because we had the good stuff at our old house, it was obvious this floor was not only sub-par because of the materials, but also because of the way it was installed.  This isn’t the best picture, but it shows how there was a brown paint or coating of some sort with just a few flecks scattered like confetti.  And whatever was used to seal it, did not last very long.   
We also had a few cracks in our concrete that needed to be repaired, so we decided to call our friend, John with Amazing Garage Floors, to take care of all our garage floor needs!  
He sanded down our old flooring, repaired all of the cracks, including a large chunk of concrete that was broken on the edge of the garage, and then installed new flooring.  And it looks amazing!  
We chose grey, black, and white flecks to match our color scheme, but they have over 200 color combinations!  
See how the floor is solid flecks now? You can’t even see the base coat!  So, if this is something you have been contemplating, I highly recommend John!  He has several franchises nationwide, too, so even if you’re not in the Kansas City area, he may have a dealer near you!
It’s even Moose approved!  He sat in the trailer all day while they worked!  
Because before and after pics are so fun, let’s take one last look at the before and after.  This was the best before pic I could find (since I wasn’t anticipating writing an entire post about this floor)!

Looks so much better, and more importantly, the quality is top notch!
Niki French

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