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Fresh Cashew Milk (Whole 30 compliant)

July 17, 2017
Whelp, I’m on day seven of my Whole 30 adventure and so far, it’s been ok. I have always cooked the majority of our meals, so being in the kitchen a lot wasn’t a huge adjustment for me. However, breakfast has been a little more labor intensive then my usual routine. Prior to starting this program, I had a smoothie, usually with almond or coconut milk, protein powder, fruit, and usually kale or spinach. Making smoothies was quick and easy…and didn’t require me to cook anything or clean up many dishes. I also like smoothies because you can drink them on the go, whether that be in the car or sometimes just even running back and forth down our hallway. 
So, to cook eggs or sweet potato hash seems to take more time, and while I’m doing my best to put forth the effort, sometimes I just need a quick smoothie!  The Whole 30 book advises against smoothies because, while all of the ingredients can be compliant, chewing your food rather thank drinking it is preferred.  And, generally speaking, smoothies contain a lot of fruit and the authors didn’t like the idea of drinking so much sugar, be it natural sugar or not.  But like I said…sometimes a girl has to do what’s necessary to stay on track and still be able to eat breakfast. So, a smoothie occasionally on a busy morning is what I’ve been doing. 
Whew!  That was a long segway into this recipe!  Obviously dairy is OUT!  So, nut milk is where it’s at. But a lot of the store bought nut milks have preservatives, added sugar, and other non compliant ingredients. To be safe, I whipped up a batch of cashew milk and it was the easiest recipe I’ve made in…well…FOREVER!  Seriously!  So easy!  

If you’ve ever made almond milk, you know it’s kind of a pain to strain the pulp to separate it from the milky liquid. Well, good news folks!  No straining necessary for cashew milk!  These soft little bits just get pulverized and become silky smooth. Cashew milk is thick and creamy, and the perfect base for a smoothie…Whole 30 or not!  
1 cup raw cashews
4 cups water (plus more for soaking)
dash of cinnamon (optional)
Cover the cashews with water and soak them for 4+ hours, or overnight in the refrigerator. 
Drain and rinse.  
In a blender, add the cashews, cinnamon, and 2 cups of water.  
Blend on high until the mixture is creamy and smooth.  
Add the remaining 2 cups of water and blend to incorporate.  
If your blender isn’t powerful enough to break up the tiny bits, you can use a strainer, but I didn’t find this necessary.  
Serve chilled!

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