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Easy Corn Salsa

February 18, 2020

Happy Taco Tuesday!  I could eat tacos every day of my life if I had to.  I love me some Mexican food!   All of the spices and flavors just speak to my soul. As if I needed an excuse to eat tacos, I love that it’s just assumed everyone eats them on Tuesdays! One of my favorite things to eat with tacos is this easy corn salsa.   It’s so light and fresh and is great as a side dish, served with chips, or on top of tacos or salads!  It’s so versatile, and so delicious, you will want to put. it on everything!

I especially love this corn salsa when fresh corn is in season. Cutting it straight off the cob takes this delicious dish to the extreme! But unfortunately we don’t have access to fresh corn all of the time, so frozen works too. Speaking of cutting corn off the cob…have you guys tried this tool before? It’s amazing and makes this job SO much easier! Kind of random, but it’s so much faster that using a knife.

Fresh corn, red onion, limes, jalapeños, and cilantro all come together to make a delicious corn salsa

Because this recipe contains all natural ingredients, it’s Whole 30 and paleo friendly!  It’s a great thing to eat on a regular macro day for those of you doing Faster Way to Fat Loss!    With just a handful of ingredients, they all blend together to make the perfect combo.


3 cups fresh corn, cut from the cob (or frozen if fresh isn’t available)

2 jalapeños, seeded and diced

1/2 c red onion, diced

3/4 c fresh cilantro, chopped

1/4 c fresh lime juice

salt and pepper


Mix all ingredients, adding salt and pepper to taste. If you prefer your salsa on the mild side, be sure to remove all membranes and seeds from the jalapeños. Or if you like a little heat, keep those seeds in there! Refrigerate until ready to serve. If you are making this in advance, I would advise to add the cilantro at the last minute to avoid it getting soggy. Serve with tortilla chips, as a topping on your tacos or salad, or just eat it with a fork!

What is your favorite Mexican side dish?

Fresh corn, red onion, limes, jalapeños, and cilantro all come together to make a delicious corn salsa

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