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DIY Topiary

September 28, 2017

I have been following Cotton Stem on Instagram for a while and she has some really cute, but easily duplicatable,  ideas on home decor.  One of the things I immediately loved were her DIY topiaries!  They were so cute, brightened up the space with the light green stems, and just seemed so whimsical.  So, being the crafty person that I am, I immediately went to Hobby Lobby and proceeded to attempt my own topiaries.  Here are her original directions for reference.

I have no idea how much your average topiary costs.  But, this project did add up to more $$ then I originally thought it would.  I love how it turned out, and I would have paid as much, if not more, at a store, but I just wanted to give you a heads up before you high-tail it down to your nearest Hobby Lobby.

Topiary form $10
Greenery bunches $12 per bunch (I ended up using 4)
Moss (I had some left over from a previous project)
Pot or vase (I used one that I already had)
Pliers or wire cutters

Hobby Lobby frequently has sales, so if possible, I would definitely advise waiting until the floral department has their stuff on sale for 50% off.  Then, you could use Hobby Lobby’s 40% off coupon (found on their website or app) for the moss or the topiary form to help keep the overall cost down.

Ok, enough financial talk…let’s get down to business!  Using your wire cutters, cut each greenery stem into smaller little sprigs, about 3-5″ each.  Most of mine had about 2-3 clumps of leaves per sprig.

I cut 2 full bunches then saved the other 2 for later to determine if I would need shorter or longer sprigs.   Cotton Stem only used 3 bunches per topiary, but mine looked too sparse, with too many bald spots.  So, I used a fourth one to fill in the holes.

Start at the bottom and work your way around the Styrofoam ball, inserting each sprig with your fingers.  You can be random and sporadic about it.  I actually ended up being very methodical, which is something I do even when I’m trying not to, and I ended up with a perfectly round topiary.  I actually liked the whimsical look of Cotton Stem’s better, but hey…my brain just can’t seem to do things that are not uniform and even.

So, that’s it!  Just continue around and around, adding more sprigs where you think they should go.  When your ball is completely filled in, you can secure the bottom of the topiary for in your pot.  Mine squeezed in just right, but the foam can be easily cut with a knife if you need to trim it a little bit.  Then place the moss over the top to cover the foam and you’ll have yourself a cute little topiary!  I have moved mine around a few times, changing it up from table to table.  I just made one to try it out, but I might make another one to balance out my table.  I like the look of two…I’ll just have to wait for the sale to come again! ?

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