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DIY: Rustic Farmhouse Sconces

May 23, 2017

Hey there peeps!  How goes it?  I’ve been doing some gradual decorating here and there in our master bedroom, and I’m almost to a stopping point.  Almost.  I’m not sure I’ll ever quite be totally finished.  I am always on the lookout for something cool to incorporate into my decor.  But, I finally feel like this room is pretty much put together.   I don’t know the technical terms for the style of decorating I have.  Eclectic maybe?  Random?  Definitely.  If I like it, then I find a way to make it work.  I have some modern stuff, some rustic stuff, and lots of random things in-between.

We’ve had our master furniture set for a looooong time.  It’s served us well, and owes us nothing, but I’m not ready to replace it just yet.  Sure, I’ve seen lots of super fun beds and bright, pretty dressers, but I’m holding out until I am really tired of this set before we make the change.  One easy way to freshen things up is with bedding and other decor.  This allows me to keep the large, expensive pieces in the room, but by changing out the duvet, pillows, lamps, or the wall decor, I get a whole new vibe and it feels more updated.

The ceilings in this house are rather low.  With our headboard, we didn’t have a lot of room to work with in terms of hanging something above the bed.  It remained blank for almost 2 years before I finally decided to do something about it.  I hadn’t seen anything that I just really loved AND would fit, so I turned to etsy for some inspo.  I actually made both the monogram board and the sconces.  I’ll tell you about the monogram board in another post, so let’s dive into those yummy rustic sconces!

First, you’ll need to find yourself an old barn and gather some of the wood from it.  Just kidding!  You actually just need to find yourself a Hobby Lobby and ask the clerk to point you in the direction of the distressed wood!  Yep!  You can buy old barn wood at the ‘Lob now!  It comes in 2 sizes…14″ or 28″.

I happened to have some 28″ pieces left over from another project,  and I really wanted my sconces to be 18″ long, so I had the hubs cut them to size.  But, you could easily just pick up the 14″ boards and avoid the sawing altogether!  I ended up using 4 boards for each sconce.

Rustic barnwood  (Be sure to use a 40% off coupon, found on their website!)
Wood glue
Hooks (I got mine from Home Depot)
4 black 1/2″ screws (I’ll explain why in a little bit)
Picture hangers
Mason jars, or some other glass jars (I found mine at Target’s Dollar Spot)
Needle nose pliers

Ok, so now that you have your barn wood, you will want to lay them out and decide where you want each board.  Some are slightly different colors, or distressed in different ways, so lay them out to your liking.  After you have it just how you want it, flip it over onto a flat surface so that the front front side is facing down, being sure to keep them in the same order.  You may want to lay some wax paper, or a drop cloth down incase some wood glue leaks through.  The boards also varied slightly in thickness, so if you place the front side down, it should dry evenly.

Place a thin line of wood glue down the inside edge of 3 boards and glue them together.

I used a rubber band to help put a little pressure on them and keep them in place while they dried.

If you have a board that is slightly warped, place something heavy on it such as a paint can or a large book.  This will help flatten it out while the glue dries.

Once they are dry, while the boards are still facing down, hammer the picture hanger on the back side of the boards.

Now, you’ll want to flip the board over with the front side facing up and mark where you want the hook.  I positioned mine 3″ from the top of the board.  But, if you are using boards of a different length or different glass jars, you may want to adjust the hook location.

Ok, now here comes the explanation for the extra screws.  The hooks I purchased came with screws, which is super handy, BUT they were too long and they drilled right through the back side of the boards.

That would do some serious damage on your walls, so it’s best to grab some extra screws that are smaller.  The boards are only about 1/2″ thick.  If you can’t find black screws, you could always paint the head of the silver screw with a touch of black paint!  Being that I already had them screwed in, I sweet talked my husband into cutting the tips off with his bolt cutters, then I put a dab of hot glue on the back to tame the sharp edges.

I put a single silk hydrangea in my jars, but it would also look pretty with a candle! 
And, if you like the look, but don’t want to make your own, THIS is the one I used as my inspiration!  
Have a great day friends!

Niki French

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